Removable Vinyl Stickers (Matte)

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Yotpo Reviewer: Stephen W.
Stephen W. Verified Buyer


After searching at least half dozen custom sticker print sites online I came across StickerYou. They were the lowest price I found (which is why I chose to go with them) and they were also fast, very easy to work with and delivered a great quality product. Would definitely order from them again.

Yotpo Reviewer: Evan S.
Evan S. Verified Buyer


Wanted to have custom stickers for our wedding and traveling. It was very easy to add different pictures in the designer to have a bunch of different stickers of different sizes. It's a few months later and the stickers still look amazing on our laptops.

Yotpo Reviewer: Darlene P.
Darlene P. Verified Buyer


Eveything looks great!

Yotpo Reviewer: Valérie M.
Valérie M. Verified Buyer


My order looks amazing, really! Also, when something was off on my sticker, customer service contacted me to tell me there was a problem in order to help me get the best result possible. I'm really satisfied.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jonathan D.
Jonathan D. Verified Buyer


Delivered great looking stickers!

Yotpo Reviewer: Mary H.
Mary H. Verified Buyer


The stickers turned out well and the price was reasonable. Thanks!

Yotpo Reviewer: Brendan P.
Brendan P. Verified Buyer


Pleasantly surprised! This was my first order with StickerYou, and I will definitely be coming back. The quality of the stickers are unparalleled and I'm extremely happy with how quickly they shipped. Thank you!

Yotpo Reviewer: Lisa F.
Lisa F. Verified Buyer


It was very easy to create my sticker sheet and the service and delivery was quick. In the past I ordered glossy and I do prefer that finish over matte which is satiny (like when you develop a matte photograph). In both cases however the quality is very good.

Yotpo Reviewer: Antonio C.
Antonio C. Verified Buyer


The stickers we ordered look great!

Yotpo Reviewer: Igor R.
Igor R. Verified Buyer


Superb quality, reasonable processing times

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