Temporary Tattoos

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Yotpo Reviewer: Justin B.
Justin B. Verified Buyer


Fantastic product. They made Mother's Day extra special for my wife.

Yotpo Reviewer: Suzette E.
Suzette E. Verified Buyer


Note to self, next order double check if I have to reverse the image so the tattoos show the right way on skin. Ordered as sheets instead of individual, looked great other than the text was backwards. Lesson learned! Kids still enjoyed them.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jana D.
Jana D. Verified Buyer


Very happy with my sticker tattoos

Yotpo Reviewer: Tara H.
Tara H. Verified Buyer


The tattoos are great and go on very easy. Loved that I could create my own pages with multiple designs.

Yotpo Reviewer: Lynn C.
Lynn C. Verified Buyer


I ordered temporary tattoos for my daughter’s wedding. She and her fiance have matching tattoos and wanted these to be the same. They turned out so perfect!!

Yotpo Reviewer: kayla H.
kayla H. Verified Buyer


The tattoos I ordered came out looking wonderful and arrived much faster than anticipated! My only complaint is that the tattoos came off very easily (within any contact of water, not even rubbing them off) and left a very sticky residue that could only come off with rubbing alcohol. I don't regret purchasing them though, perfect for the party I got!

Yotpo Reviewer: Tim B.
Tim B. Verified Buyer


We custom designed a set of tattoos for a theatrical production. Overall, the product was great. It stayed adhered to the body longer than expected, which was a bonus. What was noticed is that regular soap and water does not remove the adhesive. The ink washes off but you have to scrub the adhesive backing off your skin when its time for removal. If you have sensitive skin, this may not be the best product for you.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jeffrey C.
Jeffrey C. Verified Buyer


Thumbs up

Yotpo Reviewer: Christine M.
Christine M. Verified Buyer


They are good quality. I cheaped out and got the pages and cut them myself. Used them at a convention, they got more attention and more positive feedback then my stickers or business cards. Shipping cost is so high quantity vs shipping is something to pay attention too.

Yotpo Reviewer: Denine K.
Denine K. Verified Buyer


The temporary tattoos for our 8th graders moving up to high school turned out great! The colors were vibrant and true. The kids loved showing their school spirit for their next big adventure in high school!

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