Removable Vinyl Stickers

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Yotpo Reviewer: Scott S.
Scott S. Verified Buyer


Amazing service and was so pleasure with final product. Save yourself the time and money and order from today!!!

Yotpo Reviewer: Benjamin T.
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Yotpo Reviewer: Justin M.
Justin M. Verified Buyer


Always excellent work with great quality labels.

Yotpo Reviewer: ROCHELLE B.
ROCHELLE B. Verified Buyer


look an quality is great.

Yotpo Reviewer: james r.
james r. Verified Buyer


Fun ordering

Yotpo Reviewer: Emre A.
Emre A. Verified Buyer


Great for the price when comparing other companies. Loved the animated sticker that came as a bonus. I’d order more in the future.

Yotpo Reviewer: Jim W.
Jim W. Verified Buyer


Great job, fast delivery, very quality pricing and product

Yotpo Reviewer: Pancho D.
Pancho D. Verified Buyer


Overall transaction was excellent!! Quick on resolving issues that I had. I would definitely buy again and definitely recommend. If I could put more stars. I would! Great teamwork!!!!Great product! THANK YOU!!!!!

Yotpo Reviewer: Mariano S.
Mariano S. Verified Buyer


Super easy to create, fast response ( they even emailed me to confirm the font size on my sticker, to make sure it would print safely ), arrived in a week! Loved it

Yotpo Reviewer: Raymond M.
Raymond M. Verified Buyer


OH my God ! I couldn't be happier here's my story; Last year i began a crazy and challenging project of restoring a big 1937 RCA-Victor A.M. Vacuum Tube radio console model 87-K. Getting parts and vintage testing equipment to bring back the radio to life was nothing short of an adventure and a test of patience. But one thing i didn't struggle with was getting reproduction stickers. In the radio restoration business like any other type of restoration the devil is in the details and getting the period correct stickers or decals is key to preserve the look and spirit of the radio. After some research i found on line, the logo for the original Aerovox electrolytic capacitors installed on many of the RCA radios of the time, in my case 1937. From that point on i designed to whole sticker in Photoshop based of what was left on one of the electrolytic cans. After i was done it was simply a matter of using StickerYou's interface to create a page full of the stickers. I was astonished to get them in less than a week, shipped in a very hard to bend cardboard enveloppe. The product is of extreme quality (not joking here), i got more stickers than i needed, thinking the heat from the Vacuum Tube would most likely damage the stickers over time like it did the originals, but honestly they are so good, thick enough and stick so well, i probably won't have to replace them for years to come. Compared to the original ones the end result is astonishing shaving 86 years off the look of the radio which is close to a brand new factory appearance now. At one point i was having a bit of an issue with the software once i got to the ordering point and i reached out to their customer support. I got an answer within minutes from 2 actual human beings. They guided me like pros and i got the order on the way in no time at all. Thank you very much Cortney and Danny you made me a loyal customer from now on and i still have half a dozen stickers to reproduce for the chassis and cabinet once i'm refinishing it. I am extremely happy with the product and my whole experience with your company. May you live long and prosper.

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