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Boost Sales with Clear Labels for Product Packaging

November 24, 2015
custom clear labels

When it comes to product packaging, you already know all the benefits attractive packaging can provide in driving sales. This rings especially true for food and beverage packaging, where 93% of all new products fail. Standing out in a grocery store where consumers are inundated with some 40,000 different products makes for some tough competition. The solution isn't bolder, brighter, shiny boxes and bags. The exact opposite, actually. Catch your consumer's eye by going bare with clear labels.

Drive Sales
Unseen is unsold according to Dr. R. Andrew Hurley, of the Sonco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics. Shoppers are gravitating towards clear packaging which offers a view of the products. Today roughly 50% of people gauge the freshness of a product by its appearance, instead of the marked expiry date. Clear labels take the pressure off inventive packaging and place the focus on natural quality and appeal which has been proven to help boost sales against similar products packaged behind obstructive labels or opaque containers.

Meeting Regulations
With changing food regulations, more and more information is required on food packaging. Information such as ingredients, allergens, production information, serving sizes, nutritional information and more can take up a lot of space within a label, cutting into the space available to showcase the product. Transparent labels enable the inclusion of all regulatory information while also providing clear visibility of your product to the consumer.

Cost Effective
Transparent labels are the clear choice when it comes to attractive product packaging, but they are also a budget-friendly option. Over 55% of all packaging dollars are spent on food products. That is roughly $303 billion annually. Clear vinyl or transparent PET labels can be ordered in short run quantities from companies like StickerYou. Smaller quantities allows the food manufacturer flexibility to regularly change packaging information, designs, or freely test new products on their market without committing to and stocking large quantities of labels. Clear labels are also considerably cheaper to produce than pre-printed boxes and bags, and provide a near seamless end- appearance.

Clear packaging labels are the most effective way to get the most out of your product, while not having to sacrifice on label design, information or cost savings. The no-label look, while growing in popularity, is modern and attractive but also provides many other benefits making it a clear winner when it comes to labelling food products. When it comes to quality, don't choose cost over design, or design over crucial information. Opt for clear labels and watch your sales rise.