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Give your products or packaging a more soft, subtle look with high quality matte labels. This special label material will give your products a unique look at an affordable price. No minimum order quantities help you make the most of your budget.

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Any Size, Any Shape

More About Matte Labels

If your business is packaging products to sell or distribute, you may want to consider matte labels as your labelling material. Matte labels have the same high print quality and durability as our white vinyl labels. Matte labels are bubble free for easy application and will remove without leaving any sticky residue behind. The only difference with this material is the look and feel. Matte labels offer a softer, more subtle finish. These labels do not have a high gloss shine to them and provide a more natural appeal. We recommend this label material for labelling gourmet food products, jars and bottles, or handmade luxury goods. No minimums make them very affordable for shorter runs.

To create custom matte labels, simply upload your artwork to our Sticker Maker. Choose the size, shape, and quantity you would like your labels to be, and then choose White Vinyl Matte from the materials drop down menu. Your custom matte labels will be die-cut to the exact shape and quantity you need them and will be shipped right to you. The perfect way to give your products a professional look on a budget!

Want to compare packaging label materials? View our Packaging Labels Product Quality Chart.

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The stickers are easy to use and stay on my product very well.


Great customer service!


I had a set of labels made that I used to have made elsewhere. The quality at the old place wasn't staying high with each new printing. StickerYou did the job cheaper and perfect the first time.


I've ordered a few custom sticker pages from this site. They're mainly set up for companies but you can order just personal stickers for yourself and the custom sticker page is the best way! Literally, edit your photos in any way you want, upload, and viola! You can create any sticker you could possibly imagine! The sticker pages are shipped conviently, and the stickers are GREAT QUALITY. The designs are always dead on accurate down to the very pixels of the images you upload. I recommend this site for ANYONE needing stickers for ANY REASON! 5 stars great company!


Many delays for prints and when I received it the font was blurry.

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More than one design on a page

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