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Rollin in It

July 4, 2014  |  
custom roll labels

"Rolling in what?", you may ask. Custom Roll Labels is the answer. Yes, we've written about roll labels before and how awesome and easy and affordable they are. But here is something new- now you can order them direct from our website *insert heavenly chorus here*.

Custom roll labels are a perfect way to get your die-cut stickers printed en masse. Please note: unlike our other products, you have to order a minimum of 250 roll stickers with StickerYou. It may sound unreasonable and against our previous promise of any size, any shape and any quantity, but allow us to explain. If you are only ordering 50 stickers, it is WAY less expensive for you to order it on our customized stickers rather than on roll labels. If you are ordering 1000 stickers, it is WAY less expensive for you to order it in roll labels. See what we did there? Just another way we are trying to save ya'll some cash. 

Now roll labels are on our website. Before when you clicked on roll labels you were directed to a lovely page where we displayed some of the perfect uses of roll labels with some pictures and a short blurb, and then we directed you to contact our sales team who could give you some quotes and set up the order for you. Handy group of folks that sales team. Don't get us wrong, you can still do this if you have very specific needs or requests or are just a little lonely and need someone to talk to. BUT if you fancy yourself a do-it-alone kinda trooper then please check out our new roll page. You can now set up your custom roll labels order just as you would another custom sticker order all right on our website. No sales guy necessary! Its fast and easy and will get those custom stickers into your hands even sooner.

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Roll labels have the same high quality printing and style of our regular white vinyl stickers, but they are on a slightly thinner material and have a permanent adhesive. This makes them a great swag product to hand out at events or the perfect way to brand your product packaging. As with all other products, no setup fees, no die charge fees, and no labour fees. Flat rates of 250 sticker bundles. How sweet it is. 

Like all other custom label sticker orders, the roll labels are processed, print and cut right here at StickerYou headquarters and then packaged up to be shipped to wherever you need them to be. The roll labels are made of a durable but thin paper and then are laminated to be glossy and waterproof. 1 part awesomeness, 2 parts StickerYou crew love. Go ahead and check them out, right here