Slip Resistant Decal

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Yotpo Reviewer: Matyas K.
Matyas K. Verified Buyer


I ordered a decal for my business. Sticker You contacted me to let me know that my graphics might be a little fuzzy, but they looked fine on the preview, so I went ahead with the purchase. They turned out great.

Yotpo Reviewer: Don M.
Don M. Verified Buyer


2nd order product has bee. Great!!

Yotpo Reviewer: Raquel M.
Raquel M. Verified Buyer


Nice work.

Yotpo Reviewer: Joey K.
Joey K. Verified Buyer


Love Sticker You. We ordered some large flood decals, and they were fantastic. The quality couldn't have been better. We loved them so much and trust Sticker You's quality, we made a second purchase for our logo items. We will continue to use them going forward.

Yotpo Reviewer: TOMMY G.
TOMMY G. Verified Buyer


Looks great!

Yotpo Reviewer: Brandon C.
Brandon C. Verified Buyer


Thank you, great job on the stickers.

Yotpo Reviewer: Amanda H.
Amanda H. Verified Buyer


Very clear, great quality. Colors are crisp! These will work great for our needs!

Yotpo Reviewer: daisy a.
daisy a. Verified Buyer


Love my new bumper sticker!! Great quality

Yotpo Reviewer: Eric E.
Eric E. Verified Buyer


Decals are awesome for boats and canoes, I've had a lot of people ask where I got them and I get to go on and on about how awesome this site is.

Yotpo Reviewer: Rene R.
Rene R. Verified Buyer


Final product is great, but the edit/create process needs work. It's frustrating that it automatically changes the sticker dimension after image upload. The sticker outline disappears sometimes. Not scaling the image from the center sucks. I don't know if the image needs to touch the inside or outside of the dotted outline. Worst of all, the site times out even if you're active forcing you to log back in while your busy editing. This is tolerable if you only have one sticker to design, but sucks if you're making a bunch of different ones.

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