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This Company is Bringing Style to Canning Season

September 03, 2014
custom labels

Canning and the packaging of preserves has been a long held tradition in many families. Those with fruit and vegetable gardens are able to enjoy their summer batches all year round handcrafted jellies, jams, sauces, and more. While jar manufacturing companies such as Mason and Bernardin have found a niche market in canning season, providing packaging for preserves. StickerYou has found and filled a different need; Custom branding.

Branding is not just for companies and marketing agencies. It also means how you present yourself and your own homemade goods. You put a lot of effort into the taste of your preserves, why not also put some effort into the appearance. StickerYou has made it fun and easy to create your own custom labels and stickers for your homemade preserves. 


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With StickerYou, you can easily add style and full personalization to all your preserves. Get creative and create custom die-cut labels shaped like fruits, or colours to match your jar's contents. Help keep yourself, and your products, organized with matching labels and date stickers. Create labels for both the tops and sides of jars so information will be visible no matter how they are stored. StickerYou has templates available, or you can design your own to fit any shape and size.

Preserves and homemade goods make great gifts. Add an extra touch with holiday labels or "From the kitchen of..." stickers so they never forget where the goods came from.With endless possibilities, StickerYou has all the right ingredients to make your canning season a success!