Last Updated: 12/8/2022 11:11:50 AM

How do I add items to a My Stuff album?

My Stuff Add to Album

Once your new album has been created, you can add items from “My Uploads”, “Art”, “Shapes”, “Backgrounds”, “Saved Stickers”, and “Saved Pages” to either the “Saved Pages” or “Images” section. Select the item, drag it into one of the sections, and drop it in. If the item has been successfully added into the section, you will see a “processing" icon.

The items from the “Saved Pages” tab have to be dropped into its respective section, while the other items from “My Uploads”, “Art”, “Shapes”, “Backgrounds”, and “Saved Stickers” can only be dropped into the Images section.

(Note: If you dropped a shape or background into the “Images” section and do not see it initially, it is most likely because you do not have the respective check boxes ticked off.)