Last Updated: 6/24/2024 4:10:20 PM

Die-Cut Sticker Tips

Quick tip: Change the background of your image from white to transparent for a more accurate die-cut. Note that the smaller you set your sticker size at, the more vague, or smoothed your die-cut will become.

Not-so-quick-tip: We use an algorithm that maps out your entire image. It automatically calculates an appropriate die-cut line to follow the contour of your uploaded image. It looks for small changes in the colors of the pixels on the graphic.

At smaller sizes, there are less pixels required to display your entire image. (inversely, likewise), at larger sizes, there are more. If even one of these tiny pixels is off white, the algorithm of the die-cut generator will see your image as two unique images, and respond by drawing a die-cut line to accommodate both - the most appropriate being a rectangle.