Last Updated: 1/30/2024 5:25:47 PM

How is the price determined for orders?

How many Stickers? How Much?

Two things will determine your final purchase price: cost of products & shippin

At StickerYou, we charge per sheet of selected material, rather than per sticker/item. Therefore, the cost of the product is calculated by the dimension/size, material and quantity of stickers/items that you need.  Volume pricing applies to all orders so as your quantity increases - so will your savings!

How much is shipping?

Shipping times and costs depend on the order quantity, material/product, and shipping destination.  For more information on shipping costs,  please visit our Shipping page.

Keep in mind that the pricing cost determines how quickly your order is produced and shipped to the desired destination.  

Thus, if your order is time-sensitive (is required for a certain date) or you need it as soon as possible - we highly recommend choosing the Express or Rush shipping options for prioritized production and faster (and trackable) shipping.

To get a cost estimation, please refer to our Quick Quote Calculator.

For a full breakdown of our prices, please visit our Volume Pricing Page.