Last Updated: 1/30/2024 5:15:37 PM

What is a front-side adhesive sticker?

Front side adhesive stickers are stickers that are applied on the inside of a window for viewing from the outside. (e.g., a sign on a window of a store).

Quick tip: After creating your sticker, click “Done Editing”. From the “Material” drop-down menu, select “Clear Vinyl”. From the “Adhesive Type” drop-down menu, select “Adhesive on front”. Click “Continue”.

How it works: We can’t print ink on the adhesive side of stickers. However, we discovered that printing a backwards image on the non-sticky side of a transparent vinyl will allow the user to see the graphics front facing on the adhesive side of the sticker.

Front-side adhesive is available on our clear vinyl labels, decals and stickers as well as our static clings. Unfortunately front adhesive is not available on our White Vinyl sticker material because the material is opaque.

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