Last Updated: 3/26/2024 1:09:30 PM

How do I make clear stickers?

Create any size and shape of clear sticker with your company logo or personal branding with the Sticker Editor. If you want to place your sticker on a window or other clear surface, watch this video and learn how to:

  • Upload a properly formatted image (preferably PNG with transparent background)
  • Remove white backgrounds from the image
  • Choose your sticker size and shape
  • Select "clear vinyl" as your material
  • Preview your clear design
Please note: If you upload artwork that does not include transparent areas/background - there will not be any areas to show the clear material as the artwork/background will be printed over top.
If there are concerns with your artwork, one of our representatives will reach out to you before your order moves to production! Please visit THIS page for more on ‘order on hold’ status.

Get started on your custom clear stickers here.

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