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Groundbreaking Innovations: Custom Badges!

August 21, 2018  |  

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At StickerYou, we’re always working to create innovative products that will help you with your business or personal life needs. We’re excited to launch a new video showcasing a few of the many uses for our new product, custom badges.

Our custom badges are printed with a versatile and strong magnetic backing, making them ideal for almost any type of fabric or uniform - this also means they also won’t leave any holes or damage when removed!

Get creative by die-cutting your badge around the exact shape of your design, or print them in any standard shape you’d like - our precision laser cutter will ensure you get a clean edge, every time. Whether you order one or one hundred, the choice is yours!

Make the most your of your next event, start-up idea, business, or surprise somebody with a personalized gift using StickerYou’s custom badges.

For more information about this product and why they’re perfect for you, click here.

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