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custom window stickers

As purveyors and manufacturers of custom stickers, you would expect that we, here at StickerYou, would approve of all sticker creations. This is just not true. While we can appreciate the power and draw of these personalized sticker gimmicks, we believe everyone is a little bit tired of seeing them everywhere. We speak of the stick figure family car stickers. 

Just as viral and popular as the original stick families are all the starkly realistic parody stick figure families who. These joke stickers are erupting onto the market and becoming just as popular as the original stick families. Here are some of our favorites to date:

1) The ever-appropriate Zombie Stick Figure Family. Just in time for the zombie craze.

2) This one is for the Apple obsessed, whom like to start their kids off young.

3) This family never gets invited to the neighborhood Christmas party. 

4) Speaking of asses....

5) Guaranteed to prevent you from getting a date. Only thing worse would be putting it on a minivan.

6) Most popular in Detroit. 

7) No one should be judged for having this on their vehicle.

8) There are many to whom this would apply.

9) We call this a DINK- Double Income, No Kids