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Create Custom Easter Eggs Using Temporary Tattoos!

April 14, 2017  |  
Create Custom Easter Eggs Using Temporary Tattoos

In the mood for a simple and fun DIY craft? Love celebrating Easter and showing off your cute homemade decorations? Then you’ve come to the right place! Using our temporary tattoos, you can create your own Easter egg transfers with any custom design you’d like! Check out the simple tutorial below.

Step 1: Cut out temporary tattoos

Start by cutting out your temporary tattoos as close to the graphic as possible. For this step you can use a regular pair of scissors. Keep in mind that the more clear film you cut off, the better, so try to cut as close to the image area as you can.

Custom temporary tattoos and scissors

Step 2: Place the tattoo on the egg

Remove the clear plastic layer from the graphic, and carefully place the tattoo face down with the image side touching the egg. You can use regular or hard-boiled eggs, but hard-boiled eggs are definitely more durable and easier to handle!

Custom temporary Easter tattoos

Step 3: Apply moisture to the tattoo

Using a wet cloth or sponge, cover the entire egg with water. Cover for at least 30 seconds, making sure the whole tattoo is wet. Before lifting the whole tattoo off, lift up a small corner or piece to ensure it is transferring okay to the egg. If not, continue to press down on the tattoo to ensure it all transfers smoothly.

Applying custom temporary tattoos to eggs

Step 4: Remove the tattoo backing

Remember to handle delicately, and remove the backing slowly and carefully to ensure a clean and smooth transfer! Let the egg dry for up to an hour to ensure that the image area is dry and will not rub off or knick on anything it comes in contact with.

Happy Easter! Easter Egg

Step 5: Show off your custom Easter Eggs

Now you’re ready to go! For some simple decor, try putting the eggs in a jar or glass vase with some long decorative wood shavings to create a cute table centrepiece! Check out some additional inspiration below.

Custom Decorative Easter Eggs

Decorative Easter Eggs Custom temporary tattoos

Custom Easter Eggs with Temporary tattoos

Custom temporary tattoo Easter eggs

Have a 'Hoppy' Easter!

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