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Hours of Operation: Branding Your Business

January 2, 2018  |  
Two different hours of operation window decals

Whether you go to a retail store, a cafe, or a restaurant, chances are, you’ve noticed custom vinyl window decals on the store’s facade communicating its hours of operation. While it might seem like a minor detail, this display actually goes a long way in attracting foot traffic.

In fact, according to studies, hours of operation signage can increase customer traffic by up to 10% — which is enough reason for you to consider using it for your business. To help you put up the most attractive and effective hours of operation signage, we share our best tips and ideas in this article. 

Tips for Designing Hour of Operation Signage

First, let’s cover the basics of designing your hours of operation signage, from the recommended size and placement to colors and branding. 

Clarity and Readability

Hours of operation signage shouldn’t go too big on design. The priority is making it legible and readable even if your audience takes a look at it from a distance. Keep your design simple, avoiding overly decorative fonts and cluttered elements. 

Size and Placement

The size of your hours of operation signage should consider the customer’s viewing distance. Choose an appropriate size that allows readability even from afar. When it comes to placement, position your sign at eye level for maximum visibility. 

Contrasting Colors

Your hours of operation signage should stand out — that’s easy to do with contrasting background and text colors. For example, a transparent storefront window that reflects a light interior should use dark text for the hours of operation sticker. For a dark interior, use light text. 

Standard Hours vs. Special Hours

If your business observes different operation hours for different days of the week, holidays, etc., your signage should clearly distinguish between them. Make sure your signage tells your customers when you’re open on weekdays, weekends, holidays, and other special occasions. 

If your business hours change, make it a point to update your signage promptly. 

Icons and Symbols

To avoid big walls of text on your hours of operation signage, you can use universally recognized icons or symbols as an alternative. Some examples include an analog watch dial, clock, hourglass, or calendar. 

Consistent Branding

Even something as small as your hours of operation signage should reflect your branding. Where possible, try to incorporate your business’s logo, fonts, and colors to maintain brand consistency. 

Use of Space

Designing your operating hours signage isn’t as simple as typing in the text and printing it on sticker paper. You have to be strategic about your use of space. Make sure your design has a good balance between the text, icons, symbols, and white space. 

More importantly, you should arrange the information you present in order of importance: days and hours first followed by any additional details. 

Digital Signage

For a unique and attention-grabbing take on operating hours signage, you can opt to use digital signage that shows content more dynamically and interactively. Digital signs can be operated remotely, allowing you to easily update your business information and ads when needed. 

Directional Information

Other than your business hours, you can also provide directional information through your business signs. This is especially important if your store is located somewhere not easily visible from the sidewalk or entrance. 

Contact Information

To maximize your hours of operation sign, we recommend providing your business’s contact information in case your customers want to reach out. You can add your phone number, email, website, social media handles, or anywhere else you can be reached. 

Standard hours of operation decal.

Ideas for Hours of Operation Signage

Ready to attract more customer traffic with hours of operation signage? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Traditional Vinyl Decal

Vinyl decals are the most commonly used for hours of operation signage. Not only do they have a timeless appeal, but they’re also durable and versatile, customizable to suit your business’s branding. There are several finishes for traditional vinyl decal, allowing you to design it to match your brand’s aesthetic. 

Illuminated Signage

For visibility 24 hours a day, you can opt for illuminated signage. This ensures your business operation hours are lit day and night, which is especially important if you’re open at night or early in the morning. 

Window Cling Stickers

Personalized window clings are less permanent than other hours of operation signage options. The stickers are easy to apply and remove, perfect if your business changes opening hours frequently or wants your hours of operation signage design to change throughout the year. 

Custom Shaped Signs

Most hours of operation signs come in standard rectangular shapes. If you want to add a bit more personality to your signage, don’t be afraid to break away from traditional shapes. Be creative and make your business memorable with custom shaped signs. 

Mobile-Friendly QR Code

To keep up with modern technology, you can also opt to incorporate a QR code into your hours of operation signage. When scanned by your customers, they will be able to access more information about your business on their mobile devices. It’s a more interactive experience that converts physical traffic to online engagement. 

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