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Raise Awareness by Making Your Message Stick

October 16, 2014  |  
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Many charities, nonprofit organizations, corporations and small businesses host events in support of specific causes. This is a great way to rally funds, create a sense of community and spread the word about your mission or campaign. However if you want to leave behind a message that lasts long after the event is over, you will need to think "sticky".

Whether you're running a fundraising event, raising awareness for a cause or just spreading some goodwill and appreciation, we have an idea that will make others take notice. Custom stickers and temporary tattoos.We know it sounds like we are just trying to push a product- but let us explain the 3 reasons why stickers and temporary tattoos may be the best marketing arsenal in your toolbox. 

Reason 1: People love stickers and temporary tattoos. Especially if they are bright an have an appealing design. If it looks good, the people will want one, especially if they are being distributed for free or for a small donation.  We're not entirely sure why stickers and temporary tattoos are such a hot commodity. Perhaps its because it remind people of their childhood. Perhaps its the novelty of a self adhesive design. Regardless, custom stickers and temporary tattoos are usually very popular at events.

Reason 2: They are cheap. Of all the marketing tools and services you might purchase to promote your cause, stickers and temporary tattoos will likely be the least expensive. If ordered in bulk, thousands of stickers and temporary tattoos can cost less than a couple cents per item. Then these stickers get stuck all over the place (often public places) for an extended period of time. The result is millions upon millions of impressions and a reach that could potentially span the globe. Talk about bang for your buck.

Reason 3: The people become ambassadors for your cause. Whether they planned to or not. By taking your sticker or temporary tattoo (which they will because people just love that kinda stuff), and sticking to themselves or their things, they are promoting your organization. The 'sticking" is an affirming action meaning that person supports or recognizes your organization. The more visibility of your stickers, the more people will recognize and remember your name, which elevates your profile. 

Check out these examples of nonprofit campaigns that used stickers and temporary tattoos to their benefit to create change and raise awareness. 

I Heart Boobies: This purpose of this campaign by the Keep Abreast Foundation was to break down the social barriers around breast cancer and get people talking about the boobies. The ideas was that the slogan would catch attention and spark interest and conversations. And they have! 

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Movember: You have probably heard of or seen the iconic mustache associated with raising awareness around men's health. More than likely you've seen a mustache sticker or temporary tattoo. That's how far and well this cause has spread.


PETA: This organization have hundreds of different stickers and temporary tattoos which can be purchased on their website as well as collected at various events. The stickers are cute and funny but contain a message that aligns with PETA's values.


WWF: The World Wildlife Foundation runs the Earth Hour campaign. At one event they distributed glow in the dark stickers that thanked participants for turning out their lights during Earth Hour. The novelty of the stickers combined with the cause was quite popular. 


If you have any questions or would like to create some custom stickers and temporary tattoos for your cause, we will be happy to help. You can contact our sales representative Heather directly by clicking here. She can help you make your message stick!