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20 Examples of Beautiful Custom Label Designs

June 1, 2017  |  
20 Examples of Beautiful Custom Label Designs

It's no secret that the perfect custom label can add the ultimate finishing touch to any package. Here are some examples we've gathered "from the wild" of truly amazing and inspirational label designs.

What is a Label?

A label can be anything used to provide information about an item. It can come in the form of paper, metal, film, plastic, cloth, or other material affixed to a product or container.

Information is printed or written on a label for the purpose of identification, information, instruction, advice, advertising, or warning, such as the brand name, product manufacturer and origin, shelf-life, use, and storage or disposal. Labels can be permanent or temporary.

What Do All Good Label Examples Have in Common?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing a label, nor are there specific guidelines that you need to follow. You’re free to get creative with your label design, but to make it attractive, compelling, and effective, make sure you have these elements that all good labels have in common.


The first thing that you need to consider is how to size your label, and this will greatly depend on the size of your product or container.

If you have a large, round container, for example, then you can go big with your labels and select either a wraparound or two separate front and back labels. The former allows you to include more information about the product, while the latter separates branding information with ingredient and regulatory information.

It’s good practice to size your labels in a way that complements your product packaging. Don’t go too large when unnecessary or too small so your text becomes invisible.


The proper use of color is crucial to make a label attractive, readable, and suitable for the product. When choosing a color for your label, think of the color of the product or container where it will be attached. Avoid colors that clash, as they can ruin the visual appeal of your packaging.

That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate bold colors into your label design. Anything works, as long as the colors complement each other and look cohesive with your product or container. If you’re adding text to your label, make sure your font colors contrast with their background so they’re readable.

Your choice of colors will influence how striking your packaging will be. So choose wisely!


Your label is going to incorporate some form of graphic or visual element. Whether an illustration or an image, the graphic is what will draw your customers’ attention and motivate them to take the product off of store shelves and into their shopping carts.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create stunning visual art for your labels! With so many stock photographs and illustrations available online, you can easily take your pick and find media that resonates with your audience.

When picking or creating graphics for your labels, make sure that they align with the product you’re selling. Your customers should be able to get an idea of what the product is just by the image on your label!


Labels can be made of paper, plastic, film, cloth, cardboard, or any other material. Which one to choose will be one of the first decisions you’ll have to make. When selecting a material for your labels, make sure it fits with your product and design.

Some label materials, like textured paper, create an old vintage look. While others, such as plastic or film, speak of simplicity and modernity. Think of the nature of your product and your design plans to choose a label material that complements your vision.

If you’re not sure how, know that most businesses opt for white, clear, or cream paper. These are fool-proof options that go well with any design or product.


Labels primarily exist to inform, which means you’re likely going to have text on your product labels. Here lies the importance of fonts. You want to choose a typography style that is first and foremost readable and, second, conveys the message you’re trying to communicate.

While it’s tempting to choose standard, run-of-the-mill fonts like Arial and Times New Roman, look for a better option that matches your brand. Fair warning, though, to avoid unreadable and overused fonts like Monotype Corsiva and Papyrus.

The general rule of thumb is to opt for a font that is good-looking and easy to read.

Go Retro

The vintage or retro look is not going anywhere, try this trend to give your product a look of time-tested quality.

Vintage Retro Custom Label Design
Source: Behance

Custom Die-Cut

Just because you're labelling a rectangular bottle or jar does not mean your jar label or bottle label has to be the standard rectangle shape. Have fun with the size and shape of your labels with a custom die-cut.

Custom Die-Cut Beer Labels
Source: StickerYou Custom Labels

More Creative Die-Cuts

Speaking of using custom die-cuts, check out these innovative uses of die-cuts within the label that showcases the product perfectly and elegantly. 

Custom Die Cut Labels Jar Labels
Source: Packaging of the World

Custom Die-Cut Jar Labels Honey Labels
Source: Packaging of the World

Custom Die-Cut Mustard Jar Labels
Source: The Dieline

Go Minimalist

Less is more, especially in design. Go minimalist with simple clear labels with white text to make the color and content of your products stand out.

Clear Custom Bottle Labels
Source: Five Star Logo Blog

Clear Minimalist Custom Label Design

Custom Clear Labels
Source: Packaging of the World

Get Creative with Clear Labels

Just because your custom label is clear doesn't mean the design has to be minimalist. Get inspired by these creative designs using just white ink on clear labels that are anything but boring.

Clear Bottle Custom Labels Creative Designs
Source: Designspiration

Custom clear bottle labels
Source: Package Inspiration

Get Colorful

Minimalist design may be a trend, but there's no need to shy away from using color either. These custom labels prove how beautiful your products can look when you design with bright and bold colors.

Colorful custom jar labels
Source: Packaging of the World

Colorful Custom Label Design
Source: Packaging of the World

Bottle Label as Art

Wine bottle labels are generally used to convey important information, but you can also use labels as an artistic or decorative element for your product. These wine bottles will look great as decor long after the contents are consumed.

Beautiful Pattern Custom Label Design Art
Source: The Dieline

Add Illustrations

The lost art of hand-drawn illustrations add a beautiful touch to any product label design. Go retro or add whimsy to your custom labels by featuring some illustrated artwork.

Illustrated Custom Bottle Labels
Source: Emrich

Cute Illustrations Custom Jar Labels
Source: Packaging of the World

Interactive Labels

Add playful games to your labels so your customers can interact with your product even more. Writable labels allow any label design to be written on with pen, pencil or marker, so go ahead and have some fun!

Writable Custom Wine Labels
Source: Packaging of the World

What's Your Type?

Sometimes, all you need for the most elegant label design is perfect typography. Using just text to convey your brand's message adds sophistication and style to your finished product.

Typographic Honey Labels
Source: Beast Pieces

Pop of Color

One color or black and white labels almost always look great. But adding just one extra splash of bold color can make your logo, brand name or product description stand out in a crowd.

Pop of Color Custom Bottle Labels
Source: The Dieline

Rose Gold Chic

It's no secret that not only are metallics so trendy right now, but the color Rose Gold (popularized in part by Apple's iPhones) is the subject of a worldwide obsession. Here are some rose gold printed label designs that will be sure to help your products fly off the shelves.

Rose Gold Metallic Custom Labels
Source: Packaging of the World

Rose Gold Metallic Bottle Labels
Source: The Dieline

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