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Branding a Better Office

July 14, 2015  |  

You've probably seen our various social media posts about creating a more attractive work environment for your employees and customers. Or maybe you've read StickerYou's other blog posts that spout the benefits of having branding on your office walls. We've done our research. We know there's a lot of information our there that speaks to how making positive changes like adding some artwork or some branding to office walls can improve your staff's motivation, mood and concentration. There are also a lot of facts and stats around colourful, brand focused office spaces are more inviting or assuring to potential clients or employees. We can provide lists of sources and studies to tell you why you should buy large format decals for your office, but what kind of people would we be if we told you to buy these products to jazz up your office space without first doing so ourselves.

We undertook a new project this week. We upgraded the center of StickerYou headquarters; the kitchen. The kitchen is where members of the StickerYou crew meets for lunch, coffee breaks, impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions. This multi-functional space needed a small face-lift. By this we don't mean buying all new furniture and installing new faucets (that would have added up quick $$$). We mean giving that big blank wall a new look, which in turn helped to transform the space. Check it out:

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Large format decals are a fast and easy way to create seamless wall art that sticks well and matches your brand. It's an affordable way to bring a little personality to the blank walls of your office (or even your home!). These decals we applied to our kitchen walls will help to remind our StickerYou Crew what we do and why we do it.