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Branding Your Brew with Keg Labels

July 3, 2015  |  
Two kegs of different sizes with the same custom keg label placed on each one of them.

Craft brewers and homebrewers, rejoice! StickerYou has just the right custom beer keg labels that you need to brand your brew. If you use kegs for your batches of beer, you need quality custom labels that will withstand cold temperatures and moisture without falling off or ruining print quality.

Features and Benefits of StickerYou Keg Labels

Easy to Remove

StickerYou keg labels are so durable that they’re waterproof and stick strongly in cold temperatures, but if you need to remove them and reuse your keg, no problem!

You don’t have to worry about spending all your time trying to scrape off leftover adhesive residue. Our special vinyl material will remove cleanly from the keg surface.

Change Dates or Batch Numbers

At StickerYou, we know that sometimes you will need to change dates or batch numbers on your labels, which is why our keg labels are writable. You can use a regular dry-erase marker on your StickerYou keg label and just wipe it off when you need to update your batch information.

Completely Customizable

The best part about our keg labels is that they’re completely customizable to suit your brand or taste. If you already have artwork or a design, upload your image into our label editor

If you’re not quite at the stage where you have a logo or design yet, just modify one of our many great templates. Choose from label templates for a variety of keg sizes including quarter or half barrel sizes, slim, or mini kegs.

Cut into Virtually Any Shape

StickerYou keg labels can be cut into virtually any shape. You are not restricted to ovals, circles, or rectangles. Our patented die-cut technology allows StickerYou to contour cut around the exact shape of your design. 

There are so many options that the possibilities are endless, giving you full control over the appearance of your custom keg labels. 

Doing short runs or seasonal batches? No problem- StickerYou has no minimum order quantity, so we can provide as little as one custom keg label for as little as $9.99.

How to Effectively Brand with Keg Labels

A good keg label not only attracts attention but also communicates your brand. Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to effectively brand with keg labels. 

Empty writable keg label stuck on the side of a keg

Step 1: Design a Distinctive Logo

Your logo is the face of your brand. It should be unique, memorable, and show exactly what you are about. When designing your logo, prioritize simplicity and versatility — make sure it looks good not only on your keg labels but also on other potential marketing materials you may utilize. 

Step 2: Consistent Branding Elements

To build a brand, you need to be consistent with different design elements, including colors, fonts, and style. Whatever design elements you use in your keg labels should be consistent throughout your marketing and advertising collaterals to maximize brand recognition. 

Step 3: Include Essential Information

Keg labels aren’t only about design and aesthetics. Make sure they also communicate important information, including the name of your brand, the type of brew, volume, and alcohol content, among others. 

Step 4: Use High-Quality Imagery

You can make your keg labels stand out with high-quality imagery in the form of photographs, illustrations, or other graphic elements. If you don’t have the artistic know-how, you can opt to have these professionally done or use one of Sticker You’s graphics and templates. 

Step 5: Tell Your Brand Story

Other than including commercial information about your brew, you can also use your keg label as a medium to tell your brand story. Allocate space to communicate unique aspects like your brewing process, the inspiration behind your beverages, etc.

Step 6: Unique Label Shapes or Sizes

While wrap-around or rectangle labels are standards for kegs, you might want to take your design up a notch by experimenting with unique shapes and sizes. Circle or oval labels are uncommon – consider them to help your product stand out. 

Step 7: Interactive Elements

Make your keg labels more interactive for your customers. Don’t be afraid to add innovative elements, such as a QR code, for example, that leads customers to your website or social media pages. 

Step 8: Branded Merchandise Tie-Ins

To take brand recognition to the next level, consider designing branded merchandise that ties in with your keg labels. Allow your customers to be walking advocates of your business through branded stickers, shirts, caps, glassware, coasters, or beer bottle holders! 

Step 9: Limited Editions or Seasonal Varieties

Offering seasonal or limited edition brews is a great way to market new products and give your customers a sense of exclusivity. Make sure you design unique keg labels for your special brews. 

Step 10: Compliance with Regulations

When designing your keg labels, ensure you are aware of and abide by all relevant regulations. Some States have unique labeling requirements, including health warnings, alcohol content, and other legal stipulations. 

Step 11: Environmental Considerations

Consumers today are actively supporting brands that prioritize sustainability. To appeal to a more environmentally conscious market, you might consider using sustainable materials, eco-friendly printing practices, etc. when creating your keg labels. 

Step 12: Seek Professional Design Assistance (Optional)

While you can absolutely design your keg labels at home, you can also opt to seek professional assistance to create a quality and unique design. You can speak to graphic and label designers about your vision and collaborate with them to create a keg label that is not only aesthetic but also functional and effective. 

Step 13: Collect Customer Feedback

You’re creating your keg labels for your customers. So it’s only natural to ask them for feedback about your design and branding. Listening to their opinions will help you identify what’s working and what isn’t so you can refine your label branding strategy. 


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Happy brewing from the StickerYou Crew!