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May 21, 2014  |  
Custom Stickers for Any Occasion

With StickerYou’s custom stickers, you can turn just about any image or artwork into a sticker, and make it any shape or size you want. Stickers can be used for a lot of practical purposes, for events, promoting, safety, for kids, organizing, or just for fun.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, you can use stickers to organize! Make address labels for invitations, name labels for the tables, gift tags, save the date stickers, and thank you notes. If you’re looking to make custom stickers to give to clients or for easy to use promotion, you can upload your company logo or designs right into our Sticker Editor and create your stickers into the shape you want them, or die cut right to your design.

How do you go about making custom stickers? Simply head on to our website at, and upload your images right into our custom Sticker Maker! If you have a specific size you need to fit on a product, you can make your stickers right down to the exact 0.1” in size that you need. Using white or clear vinyl material, turn just about any image or artwork of your choice into a sticker!