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Car Sticker Marketing: Drive More Sales For Your Business

February 24, 2016  |  
Drive sales with car sticker marketing

You’re driving on the way to or from work and you see a car covered in a vinyl decal, parading a business’s branding. We’ve all seen at least one of these casually cruising the streets along with other motorists. That’s car decal marketing in action.

Considered an effective strategy for businesses to spread the word about their brand and reach more potential customers, car decal marketing is something plenty of business owners have been eyeing. 

What is Car Decal Marketing?

Car decal marketing refers to the strategy of placing decals on vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans, and other automobiles. They are used by businesses to actively introduce their brand to other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. 

As they drive around the vicinity, they can draw the attention of potential customers and make a memorable impression. Because of this, businesses are using car decals to promote their brands, products, services, events, advocacies, etc. You might also spot cars sporting decals that introduce charitable causes, politicians, or sports teams. 

Why Do I Need a Company Vehicle?

A company vehicle is quite possibly the best marketing tool going. Branding your vehicle is typically a one-time cost. Over time, the return on your investment can be huge.

Each time you are out driving, you are in the sight line of potentially hundreds of other drivers, pedestrians, passengers, and shoppers. If you have a branded company vehicle to drive, that is hundreds or thousands of impressions for your business each day. The more times people see your business name, the more likely they are to remember you and look you up later. 

A branded vehicle brings some legitimacy to your business. Having a branded vehicle will make you look more professional and as a result, your customers will be more comfortable hiring your services.

Company vehicle marketing

Types of Car Decals

Car decals used for marketing or promotional purposes come in a range of types. While bumper stickers are the most popular, there’s growing use of other car decal materials, including: 

  • Adhesives
  • Clings
  • Digital display stickers
  • Magnetic signs
  • Perforated film 
  • Vehicle wraps

Car decals are made to adhere well to a vehicle’s body and retain their quality even when exposed to different weather conditions. They’re also designed to make a statement, usually sporting bold colors and readable text. 

Website address and phone number on the rear windshield of a vehicle

Benefits of Car Decal Marketing

Car decal marketing is gaining more popularity among businesses, and it’s no surprise why. It’s an effective way to catch people’s attention, generate audience interest, and ultimately, get a large return on your investment. 

Imagine you’re spending your day off in your local shopping neighborhood when all of a sudden, a vehicle covered in decals passes by. Because the design is so bold and attractive, you can’t help but look. You can’t deny that the vehicle captured your interest enough to read the text or perhaps look into the business. 

That’s the power of car decal marketing. While social media, email, and broadcast marketing are often the go-to’s for businesses, not everyone is active on these platforms. But, without a doubt, everyone goes outside. 

It also allows you to reach people who are out and about running errands, looking for places to eat, or going window shopping. These people are already in a buying mood — capture their attention with a car decal, and you increase the chances of them being interested in your business. 

Car decal marketing also generates discussion about your brand. Because it’s such a unique way to market your business, you can count on people talking about it and remembering that interaction long after they’ve seen your vehicle. 

Car decal marketing has plenty of benefits for your business, from generating awareness to boosting your bottom line. It’s also an inexpensive marketing strategy that will last you a long time, making it a worthy investment to make.

Car sticker decal with social media icons and brand logo placed on a car windshield

Some Tips and Tricks

Before you go ahead and stick a decal all over your company vehicle, here are some things you need to remember: 

  • Make sure your logo or any artwork you wish to use is high resolution (minimum 300 px)
  • For vinyl window decals, brighter colors will look best. Darker colors will be less visible, especially on tinted windows. 
  • Measure your usable space first. Plan out where you would apply your decals, magnets, or clings, and then use a tape measure to measure the flat space. You don't want to order a product that is too big for the space. All products can be ordered in any shape and any size you choose. 
Company sticker placed on a car bumper


Car decal marketing allows you to reach a wider audience — people whom you may not otherwise be able to connect with. It makes the impact that your business needs to stand out from your competition and increase audience engagement and ultimately, sales. Take your marketing up a notch and consider car decals as part of your strategy. 

Company sticker placed on a car bumper

Car Sticker Marketing: Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are stickers for marketing?

Stickers are a budget-friendly marketing strategy that can introduce your brand in a fun and engaging way. Unlike other marketing collaterals, they have a high perceived value that makes them appear more as a gift from your business rather than a promotional product. 

Are car decals good advertising?

Car decals are a great advertising strategy, allowing businesses to capture the attention of their audience and communicate their brand, products, services, and special offers. They’re also inexpensive to make and install while having high returns. 

Do stickers devalue cars?

Custom brand stickers can impact the resale value of a vehicle. However, what’s good about car decals is that they’re removable. You can remove them when they no longer serve their purpose and restore your vehicle to its original condition. 

How long do car decal stickers last?

Car decal stickers have an average lifespan of 3 to 7 years, depending on their placement, printing process, and the conditions to which they are exposed. You can increase the longevity of your car decals by regularly cleaning them with water and mild detergent, drying them immediately when exposed to water and moisture, and storing the vehicle indoors when possible. 

Is it a good idea to put stickers on your car?

Car decal marketing is a great way to introduce and promote your business. If you’re worried about negatively impacting the resale value of your car, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not a permanent solution. Decals can be removed at any time without leaving damage to the vehicle.