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High Visibility Branding Impact on Paid Ad Spend

August 8, 2022  |  
The Impact of High-Visibility Branding on Paid Ad Spend featured image.

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If you want to attract more customers to your business, your brand has to stand out from the crowd. An engaging and recognizable brand helps customers find you online and form connections that keep them coming back. That’s why brand visibility is critical for most businesses. 

Brand visibility measures the frequency and attractiveness of your brand across high-priority channels. There are many ways to improve awareness , from elements like logo, voice, and packaging, to marketing tactics like social media presence and digital advertising. 

Businesses that rely on online purchases need brand visibility. With so many options available to online consumers, a highly visible brand is more likely to attract customers and secure purchases

Some of the most popular and successful brands active today favor high-visibility branding that communicates their identity and mission loud and proud. This strategy can lead to higher conversion rates and lower advertising costs. You can use high-visibility branding to boost your digital presence and improve campaign efficiency in these three ways. 

Develop organic buzz

One of the benefits of building a strong, highly visible brand is that your potential customers will begin to encounter your brand without your help. This is called unaided brand awareness, or organic interest. There’s a huge benefit to branding that people want to talk about—people tend to place more value on recommendations from people they know than from strangers or corporate accounts. 

Building organic interest isn’t about chasing trends or being controversial. It’s about being purposeful, piquing interest, and speaking to audiences as individuals. This is a great path for scaling growth, especially when you have to be intentional about budgeting and time investments. 

In a digital world, it's easy to forget about the impact of more traditional marketing practices, but physical marketing can go a long way towards improving your presence across multiple channels. It’s important to make it easy for people to represent your brand, which is why so many brands turn to physical branding like stickers, decals, and t-shirts. If a customer likes your brand enough to wear it on their backs, they’re essentially offering both organic buzz and social proof

Physical branding on a water bottle

As an example, consider mountain water brand Liquid Death. Their iconoclastic branding and tongue-in-cheek messaging set them apart from the more conservative brands of their competitors. A distinctive brand identity helps them stand out and spark conversation among their audiences. 

Stay authentic

When working to increase brand visibility, it’s important to stay authentic. If your messaging is too calculated, you risk alienating your audiences and creating a negative perception of your brand.

There are clear benefits to authentic branding. Remaining consistent helps you to stay true to the elements of your brand that your audience resonates with, providing opportunities to forge lasting connections. 

The most effective way to create authentic connections is to personalize your messaging to each audience. Boldness and authenticity encourages customers to see themselves reflected in your brand. When you know what resonates with a specific audience, you can tailor your messaging to your audience, giving them incentive to stay connected and keep coming back. 

One benefit of this strategy is that your customers can choose to become advocates for your brand, showing off your brand’s personality as a reflection of their own. For example, consider how the Monster Energy Drink logo has taken off with skateboarders, who show off their love for Monster Energy and other brands via physical branding like stickers or decals on boards and helmets. If your brand becomes shorthand for a clear set of values, your customers will give it even higher visibility by showing it off themselves.  

Build relevant campaigns

Some brands encounter a pitfall with high-visibility branding when they fail to follow through. Let’s say your customers connect with the branding and messaging in your digital ads and decide to click through to see your offer. If the landing page for that ad doesn’t reflect your brand’s identity, the customer will be less likely to take action on the page. 

Customers can connect with branding and messaging in digital ads

Ensure that your digital ad campaigns feature relevant messaging, imagery, and style throughout the entire customer journey. The benefits go beyond brand image—a relevant campaign drives higher conversion rates and lifetime customer value. Advertising platforms like Google and Facebook reward relevant campaigns with higher Quality Scores, which improve the ranking of your ads and lower the cost you pay for each click. With higher returns and lower costs, relevant campaigns are the best way to make sure your high-visibility branding achieves maximum impact. 

Inspire customers with your brand

Following these tips can help your brand stand out from the pack and create lifelong connections with customers. Whether you’re running audience-specific campaigns or encouraging word-of-mouth buzz, staying authentic and relevant is always crucial.

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This blog was written by Michael Egan, Product Marketing Manager at Instapage. Michael is an experienced and innovative marketing copywriter with a passion for creative storytelling who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.