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How to Laminate Stickers - Step by Step Guide

July 28, 2023
How to Laminate Stickers - Step by Step Guide

While there are types of stickers that can hold up well to sun, water, and heat exposure, others aren’t as durable. Standard stickers should be used for indoor applications and stuck to items that won’t be exposed to heat, moisture, or frequent scratching and rubbing. Otherwise, they will fade and lose their quality over time.

But that limits your opportunity to get creative about where to place your stickers. So in this guide, we’re going to show you how to laminate your stickers to protect them from the elements and ensure long-lasting quality.

Choosing the Type of Sticker You Want

The first step is choosing the stickers you want to laminate. Generally, any sticker material can be laminated to give it a permanent protective layer on the surface and increase its quality. But laminating also thickens and hardens the sticker. As such, we don’t recommend laminating stickers that you plan on using for curved surfaces.

Depending on your intended application, you may also need to be selective about the laminating method you use. If you’re sticking your stickers on items that will be exposed to water, like water bottles or food containers, you’ll get better results with a self-adhesive laminate than a printable vinyl laminate.

Regardless, you can heat laminate anything from laptop stickers and window decals to bumper stickers and more.

What Type of Sticker Papers Should You Use to Make Laminated Stickers?

The best type of sticker paper to use when you intend on laminating is printable sticker paper or printable vinyl. They can either have a glossy or matte finish, but the latter, when laminated, will have a satin-like finish because of the plastic layer added on top of it.
When it comes to the laminating sheet, you can choose between a matte laminate, satin laminate, or gloss laminate. Depending on the laminating machine you have, you can select either a 3-millimeter or 5-millimeter thickness for your laminating sheet. You should also keep in mind that the printer you use should be compatible with your sticker paper. Check the packaging on the sticker paper and see if you’ll need a laser printer or Inkjet.

What Tools and Materials Needed for Laminating?

To get started laminating your stickers, you’ll need the following:
● Your sticker design 
● Thermal laminating machine
● Laminating pouches/ sheets
● Sticker paper or printable vinyl
● Inkjet or laser printer
● Scissors
● Cricut cutting machine
● Cricut Standard Grip cutting mat (green)
● Fine point blade

How to Laminate Stickers?

Step 1: Upload Your Design in Cricut Design Space
Step 2: Select Your Size and Save the Design
Step 3: Print Your Stickers
Step 4: Laminate Your Sticker Sheets
Step 5: Cut Off the Extra Laminated Plastic
Step 6: Position Your Sticker Sheet on a Cutting Mat Correctly
Step 7: Select the Right Material Settings and Cut Your Stickers

And there you have it — you’ve successfully laminated your stickers and ensured longer-lasting quality and protection. Now, you can apply your stickers outdoors or in high-exposure areas without worrying about them losing color or shape over time.

If all of that seems like a lot of work, luckily, there is another solution. You can simply buy weatherproof stickers from a reputable vendor like StickerYou.

If you’re in the business of selling custom stickers, make sure to let your customers know the stickers are weatherproof! It’s a unique selling point that speaks of the quality of your stickers.