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Introducing StickerYou's New Search Tool!

February 19, 2019  |  

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Stickers are obviously our favourite thing to customize. The number of designs, fonts, and shapes to work with are endless. We totally understand if this infinite choice seems overwhelming, because, well, it is! You probably have a never-ending list of possible custom stickers you'd like to create, but it can be difficult to choose the perfect image and shape to make them a reality. That’s why at StickerYou we’ve redesigned our search tool so you can not only find exactly the image you want, you can also easily find, add and swap out images while making your sticker, too.  Check out the features of our new (and very user-friendly) search tool below!

Keyword Specifics

It used to be the case that when browsing the StickerYou library for artwork, you would have to first visit a category page to search for the art you wanted. This got a little confusing because so many things fit into multiple categories. Would a design for bachelorette party stickers be under Weddings, Parties, or Romance? Wonder no more! Now you can find all the images related to your search the first time with a simple word search. When you search “bachelorette” for example, all of our artwork relating to bachelorette parties shows up, making your search easier than ever before!

No More Endless Clicking

Before the debut of our new search tool, what would happen if you didn’t find the sticker design you wanted in the first category you thought it would fall under? You’d have to click back a page, and then click again to search another possible category. And if the design wasn't there? That’s right, more clicking until you found your image.

Our search tool now shows all the sub-tags of the artwork search on the left-hand side. Furthermore, you can see the amount of artwork we have available for each category as well. So, if you want a smiley face that’s funny instead of happy, you can simply search using the "funny" sub-tag and discover what other “funny” stickers we have.

Changing Shapes

At StickerYou, we're proud to help you make stickers in the exact shape you desire. In addition to offering customized designs, we also have basic designs of various shapes ready for you to create stickers with. Now, we are adding new and exciting designs to our roster of shapes--including plaques and ribbons--to take your stickers to the next level.

Need to change the shape of your sticker mid-design? You can do that, too! At the top of our sticker editor we have a button that allows you to change the shape of your sticker as you design, so you won’t have to restart from the beginning or lose any progress you’ve made.

Search Images While Making Stickers

Before the debut of our new search tool, if you were in the midst of designing a custom sticker and wanted to add another image, you would have had to exit out of the online creator and start all over again. Now, you can click to add as many different images to your sticker as you'd like with the “Add Image” button that will pop up when you use our new search tool. This allows you to quickly and easily add or edit images while you design your sticker, so all your shapes, colours and texts remain where you want them. But don’t take our word for it, take a gander at our new StickerYou search tool and start designing your custom sticky products today!

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