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Alright StickerYou fans, the holidays are over and it’s a new year. And a new year means fresh starts. Time to clear out those drawers, empty out the cupboards, and de-clutter those closets. Let StickerYou help with all the custom stickers and labels you need, any size, any shape.

Labelling boxes and containers has never been so easy. StickerYou has tons of templates to choose from, or you can make your own. We also offer a variety of sticker material for different applications, so you will always have access to stickers and labels that stick to fabric, glass, plastic, boxes, paper and more.

Use our Kids ID Labels to label your children's toys or clothes. This durable, super-sticky material will stay in place through months of play. Your kids will never lose their toys or clothes at the playground or school again.

Our regular white and clear vinyl material is perfect for labeling boxes, containers, drawers and more. Waterproof, UV resistant and dishwasher and microwave safe, this material is great for use both outdoors and indoors. Use it to label your Tupperware, or organize boxes or filing cabinets.

Iron-on labels and custom patches are what you need for fabrics. They are great for labeling jackets or clothing as well as lunch bags or canvas bags.

Organize your cupboards with chalk wall decals. You can use the chalkboards to label items stored in each cupboard. Chalkboard markers are erasable, so you can make changes if necessary later. You can also use chalkboard decals to draw your own calendar to keep everyone organized and up to date.

StickerYou’s new customizable magnets are perfect for labeling toolboxes. You can also use them to make a list of emergency numbers for the fridge, or washer/dryer instructions for your laundry room. Anything metal, these magnets will stick.  

With StickerYou, the opportunities and options to help you get organized are endless. Check out our templates or design your own custom labels and stickers and start the new year off right.