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logo design

An effective logo is a critical component of any business (and they also make fantastic logo stickers). It is the face of your company and represents your services, values and brand identity and is quite possibly the style guide for all other artwork produced for your company: your website, print publications, banners, advertisements and more. It can seem daunting that the creation of such a small element can become so important. But never fear, we have developed a crash course in logo design to help get you started. 

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Your logo should be a simple design that is easy to remember and recognize among other logos. It should also be appropriate for your business and brand ethos. And it must be versatile; an image that will look good on a screen, in print, or on a package and that will still make sense in gray scale. 

If you think you have a great logo, create your own custom die cut stickers, and really make your brand stick.