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Make It Better Contest Winners!

October 7, 2016  |  
The Make It Better Contest is finally over, and we are ready to announce the winners and the runner ups! We had over 700 applicants and only 49 finalists from both Canada & the U.S. were picked, so a congratulations is appropriate for all our finalists! We even had contestants reach back to us and tell us that the contest has already been rewarding for them, whether it revitalized some interest back into their business or garnered them media attention. We're really thankful our contest could do that for them and we wish everyone the best of luck on their future endeavors.

Here are the winners and runner-ups for the contest:

In Canada, our winner is: Who Gives A Schnitz!

Who Gives A Schnitz is a schnitzel restaurant that was started by three young student entrepreneurs Mirelle Shimonov, Lirom Shimonov, and Corey Paris with one big dream: to introduce the best schnitzel sandwich in town.

We asked the trio about their experience with the contest and they said that, first and foremost, the contest really opened their eyes as to how awesome their community in Guelph is. They said, “it’s not just our customers that participated, but people all over town, whether it be regulars of Schnitz or new faces who simply wanted to lend a hand to a small business. We couldn’t have done it without them.” They seem to be pretty happy with the grand prize as well, and we’re happy that they’re happy: “We think the opportunity for a fresh new look will create an added buzz in the community, giving us a sort of re-grand opening which many small businesses don’t often get the opportunity to do.”

The runner-up winner in Canada is Pass It On!

In the U.S., our winner is Hatch!

Hatch was born in 2014 with a unique concept that provides 24/7 studio space for photographers, videographers, models, and artists. It is a space to meet, collaborate, shoot, and sell creative work; it’s about making things better--which is music to our ears.

During their efforts in the Make It Better contest, they experienced overwhelming support. “We’re all about the community and giving to our area, so we don’t ask for much. So when this contest was happening, the number of shares and supporters became overwhelming” Jeremy said of his experience with the contest. “They worked as hard as our members did--we love where we live and love what we do.” Winning the contest would give more branding and help make Hatch’s space more creative and grand, which would bring more people they can help their way. Simple as that.

The runner-up winner in the U.S is The Knight Butcher.

In closing, we’d like to give thanks again to all our participants We hope to see you again soon for our future contests!

With warm regards,
The Team at StickerYou