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March 7, 2014  |  
Foot on a Floor Decal

When it comes to sticking it, we’ve covered your devices, walls, windows, appliances, mirrors, etc. What else is left for the business looking to spread their brand? The answer is lying right at your feet. Literally. Floor decals.

Now floor decals may not be the first idea that pops into your head when you think advertising space, but trust us, good sticker placement is as important as sticker design when it comes to marketing and the ground is teeming with possibilities. On a daily basis, each person is exposed to thousands of advertisements, most of which we have learned to tune out. However when it comes to ads, we still notice what is irregular. Think about it, big floor stickers are a cost effective way to create a high impact on otherwise blank and unused space. Everyone walks looking at the path ahead, and many people have their eyes on the ground or aimed at the phone in their hand when on their feet anyways, why not capture some attention and raise brand awareness.

Where do you get these fantastic floor decals we speak of? One step ahead of you. StickerYou will soon be rolling out floor decals, formulated with specialty adhesive to provide a strong stick to floors and rough surfaces (like cement, brick walls, asphalt, etc.) without causing any damage upon removal. These floor decals come in any size and shape and have a gritty finish preventing against slipping. It’s never been easier.

Custom floor decals are great for leading the way to event locations, directing traffic, parties, promoting products, for use at trade shows or weddings or for providing general information. You may have seen floor graphics popping up in retail locations such as malls, superstores and drug stores, or in parks, schools and more. That’s because they are a fast and easy method for organizations to put their name on yet unclaimed space and stand out from the masses of other ads, brand logos, and messages that are floating around. Next time you’re looking for a great way to advertise, think sidewalks, hallways, elevator floors (everyone is looking at their toes to avoid eye contact anyways) and capitalize on your marketing efforts.