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Perk Up Your Business With StickerYou

May 19, 2017  |  
Perk Up Your Business With StickerYou |  StickerYou Blog

StickerYou was recently at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle and we had a blast! The daily espresso shots kept us buzzing and talking to attendees about how our wide variety of quality custom sticky products can Make What Matters Stick for their business in an affordable way.

Whether it was a roaster, cafe or restaurant owner, or they just had a passion for coffee, we kept getting asked how StickerYou products can help perk up their business in a high-quality, yet affordable way.

So here are 5 ways StickerYou can Perk Up Your Business:

#1: Bring Your Business to Life with Labels

Custom coffee labels and packaging

Custom coffee labels and packaging

StickerYou offers labels that come in a variety of materials and totally customizable in any size, die-cut shape and quantity you need. Save by purchasing blank coffee bags, cups and food packaging and then adding a perfect branded touch with our standard paper roll labels or writable matte labels so you can write on best before dates or flavor variety.

Clear custom labels for coffee products

StickerYou even has labeling options for your cold brew bottles, iced americano cups or milk containers with our waterproof durable BOPP labels in either clear or white.

You can purchase our labels on a page or save even more with our competitively priced roll labels where you can order as few as 250 or as many as 10,000. There are no hidden set up or color costs - just great quality labels!

#2 Attract Customers with Beautiful Signage

Custom clear window decal

Draw customers in and bring your business to life with StickerYou’s fantastic custom window, wall and floor decals and vinyl lettering. The durable vinyl material is easy to apply and removes with no residue. Whether you want to display store hours on the door or create a custom coffee cup decal for the floor, with no set up fees and no minimum orders, StickerYou allows you to create a professional looking custom signage at an affordable cost.

#3 Customize Your Wearables

Custom iron-on transfer apron

Custom business patch on apron

Easily create and apply custom iron-on transfers or patches to your uniforms, aprons or hats to bring your brand to life across your business. Purchase blank uniforms to save and then you can add a custom branded touch for each one.

For iron-ons, our editor technology allows you to place multiple designs (unique names/images) on one page and with no minimum orders, it is an affordable way to make your business look professional and customized.

For a more premium look that will last, add one of StickerYou’s new custom patches. It is easy to customize your printed or fully embroidered patch by simply uploading an image or choose from our art gallery. Perk up your wearables with a custom patch!

#4 Spread the word and love of your business

Die-cut custom business logo stickers

Customers love to show their love for their favorite cafe or coffee on their laptop or coffee mug. Give them StickerYou’s new custom individually die-cut stickers that are easy to design and create in any shape, size and quantity you want. The precise die-cut brings your brand to life and gives your customers a way to show their love.

#5 Create Custom Designs Without Being a Designer

StickerYou Online Editor with custom logo roll labels

StickerYou’s proprietary online editor technology allows you to create custom designs without being a designer. Upload your image or logo or choose from thousands of images or templates in our art gallery and customize your design in any size, shape or quantity.

Still feel like you need a designer’s touch? Tap into our very affordable yet expert art design services. StickerYou wants you to get the best design totally customized for your business and our team will be happy to help with packaging, logo or promotional material design.

StickerYou is the perfect solution to get you high quality, customized sticky products to perk up your business in an affordable way. Ready to create your own customized sticky products? Visit our coffee & tea labels page for everything you need to get started!

StickerYou blog posts are written and published by members from our headquarters located in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.

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