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A Photographer's Guide to Better Branding

March 21, 2017  |  
photographer's guide to better branding

Wedding season is quickly approaching and photographers everywhere are getting ready for their busiest time of year. From double-checking their equipment to booking shoots, there’s certainly a lot of work to be done long before everyone says “cheese!”

In today’s competitive market, skilled photographers with great portfolios aren’t always enough to win a client’s business - they want the whole package. In addition to the photos, it’s standard nowadays for clients to expect fancy packaging and creative presentation of their photos. And even if they don’t expect it, why not go above-and-beyond to really wow your clients?

Here are some tips using custom StickerYou products to strengthen your business presentation, build brand identity, and exceed client expectations.

Wall Decals

photography wall decal

Do you have an office space or studio for your photography business? Custom wall decals can help create a sense of professionalism in your creative space, while at the same time making the space your own. Plus, a large branded wall decal will be sure to catch your clients’ eyes and liven up the atmosphere.

Window Decals

photography window decal

Sticking with the idea of creating a professional atmosphere, customized window decals are another great way to brand your work space and promote your business. Does your space have a storefront? Custom window decals can be used for logos, hours of operation, social media information or a variety of other uses, and are easy to apply or remove when necessary.

Custom Equipment Labels and Patches

photography custom labels

As a photographer, I’m sure you’re well aware of how expensive equipment can be. Protect your gear from being stolen or lost with custom labels. Slap a custom label with your name, business name and contact info on your equipment boxes or a sew a custom patch on your camera bag to help ensure your equipment stays yours. After all, this equipment is vital to the success of your business.

Custom Packaging Labels

photo stickers

StickerYou can also help you build fabulous and professional looking customized photography packages that will impress your clients and keep your business top-of-mind for all of their photography needs. Use your photographs and your brand logo to create custom stickers to personalize the package for your clients - who wouldn’t want to receive a nice package with their wedding photo stuck to the front of it? Plus, they can be used as a teaser for what your clients are going to find inside the package, and help create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Photo Stickers and Photo Magnets

Wedding photo magnet

On top of using photo stickers on your packaging, expand your product offering with custom photo sticker pages or magnets as part of what you’re selling to your client. Simply select some of the best photos and as stickers they could be a great memento for the client to personalize water bottles or mugs, or as a magnet, they could be the “Thank You” that your client sends out post-wedding. Your clients will love this unique and totally customized add-on that brings to life your beautiful images in yet another way.

Build Your Brand Affordably with Roll Labels

Roll labels for USB

Is there part of your package that doesn’t vary from client to client? Custom roll labels are a cost-effective way to order labels that you know you’re going to use on each package you build. For example, most packages these days include a USB drive with photos stored on them so the client can easily share and post them online - why not brand that USB with a custom logo label? Our custom roll labels are very affordable starting at $0.30 a label and a low 250 minimum order quantity. It is a great option to ensure you’re connecting back to your brand on everything in the client package.

Address Labels

Custom Address Labels

Assuming you’re going to be mailing these packages out, custom address labels are perfect time-savers that can be used to make your package look even more professional. Create an address label with your logo, business address, and other contact info you’d like to include and voila! Clients will know exactly what your package is when it arrives and who it’s from.

Renowned American photographer Ansel Adams once said, “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” And while he was talking about actual photographs, the concept holds true in branding as well. Use custom StickerYou products to ensure you’re aligning all of your efforts under one brand and you’ll notice a difference in the way people interact with your brand in no time.

Get started by checking out our photography products page, or create your own custom stickers, labels, decals and all things sticky to build your photography business.

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