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How to Remove Old Wine Labels: Methods and Tips

September 25, 2014  |  
How to Remove Old Wine Labels: Methods and Tips

We get a lot of custom wine label orders for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and various other momentous occasions. It's a great way to create a personalized gift for someone without spending a whole lot of money.

While making your own custom wine labels is fun and easy with our StickerMaker, getting the old labels off your wine bottles can be a pain. Here is a quick guide on how to remove those old labels so your custom labels will fit smoothly and cleanly on the bottles.

Why Remove Wine Bottle Labels?

Most people discard their wine bottles right after they’ve consumed the contents. But these bottles are highly recyclable, usually made of durable glass that you can use for other purposes.

You can give your old wine bottles new life by using them as vases to hold your flowers, water bottles to stock cold water in the fridge, or glass containers for your kitchen condiments. Some small businesses like holding onto old wine bottles to use them again. And individuals usually remove wine labels and add custom stickers to give more personalized gifts. There are many ways you can repurpose old wine bottles. And when you do, removing the labels makes them cleaner and more aesthetic for your intended application.

How to Remove Old Wine Labels?

There are two methods to remove labels from a wine bottle – the wet method and the dry method. Which one you should use depends on the paper and adhesive material of the label. But we provide instructions for all solutions below.

Baking Soda

A household item that you likely already have in your pantry, baking soda is highly effective at removing labels on full bottles of wine.


Ammonia is a powerful chemical that can help you remove labels from wine bottles easily. If you opt to use this method, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated room as ammonia has a strong odor.

Hot water

If you don’t have baking soda or ammonia on hand, you can try using hot water to remove old wine bottle labels. This is the best option if you’re planning to use the wine bottle to store water or other consumable liquids.


Using steam is a clean and effective way to remove labels without damaging the bottle. While you can use a steamer if you have it, the best source of steam for this dry method is a kettle.

Wine Label Remover Sheets

There are remover sheets made specifically for removing old wine bottle labels. They look like large sheets of tape that, when peeled off of the bottle, also bring with them the label and adhesive.

A person holding a wine glass while standing next to an old wine bottle with a label that needs to be removed.


There are plenty of ways you can remove labels from your old wine bottles. Whether you opt for the easy route and use wine label remover sheets or try your hand at wet and dry homemade methods, our instructions should be able to help you peel the labels off cleanly and breathe new life into your old wine bottles.

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