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Stick With It!

March 16, 2017  |  
Bring your goals, mantras and aspirations to life and Stick With It

A mantra is like your fave song during a tough workout! It will push you and inspire the confidence to kickstart your day and achieve your goals!

Use one of our awesome designs or create your own mantra! Stick it on a notebook, laptop, wall or somewhere that will help drive you all day long!

Let’s Do This!

1) Be Stronger

It is easy to make excuses, but find the strength inside and nothing will stop you!

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses mantra sticker Get your mantra here

2) Sweat It Out                         3) No Excuses

Sweat it out, No excuses mantras

Get your mantra here

4) Today is a New Day

How awesome is it that no matter how great, (or not great), yesterday was, today can be exactly what you want it to be!

Hello New Day mantra sticker Get your mantra here

5) Dream Big

It can be tough to get through any day if you don't have a vision for the future. Dream big to help you conquer each day!

Work hard, dream big wall decal Get this decal here

6) Nothing is Impossible

The first step to achieving your goal is to believe in yourself and never quit!

Never say never mantra sticker Get this mantra here

7) Stick With It                         8) One Step at a Time

Stick with it, one step at a time mantra stickers

Get your mantra here

9) Express Yourself

In this crazy world, it is not time to shrink away. It is time to express yourself and make your voice heard.

Nevertheless she persisted stickers Get this mantra here

10) The Time is Now

If yesterday you said tomorrow, dig deep to find that motivation to start conquering your goals now!

Start with now mantra sticker Get this mantra here

Feeling inspired? Create your own mantra here!

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