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How to Remove Stickers off Various Surfaces

September 22, 2020  |  
How to Remove Stickers off Various Surface

Every sticker has a lifetime and reaches a point where it’s time to remove and replace it with new personalized stickers. Whether you’re swapping out your stickers for some new messaging, or trying to clean up some surfaces, getting adhesive off surfaces can be tricky.

Never fear! At StickerYou, we have experience with all types of stickers. When it comes to adhesive, all of our custom vinyl sticker materials are gunk-free, meaning they can easily be peeled off without issue. For all different types of situations, we’ll break down the best way to rid your surfaces of mess and potential damage.

How to Remove Stickers Off Glass?

It’s relatively easy to remove stickers from glass. In most cases, the sticker will peel off cleanly without a trace. However, there are stubborn stickers that leave adhesive residue after removal — this may need a bit more elbow grease.


When removing stickers from any glass surface, your main priority is making sure you don’t scratch or scrape the glass. You want to do this process carefully to prevent damage.

Use a Plastic or Metal Scraper: To help you peel the sticker off cleanly, you may need to use a plastic or metal scraper. However, we recommend using plastic as there’s less risk of scratching the glass. You may also be able to get away with using a credit card or disposable plastic knife for this process. With the blunt edge of your chosen scraper, carefully scrape the edges of the sticker off the glass surface. If you encounter resistance, start again on another corner.

Hot Water and Soap: if you’re able to, try soaking the surface. If it’s a jar, submerge it in water and let it sit. If you’re working on a larger surface, give the area a good soaking with some soapy hot water. After that, there are 3 product options for breaking up the adhesive that you most likely already have at home such as WD40, hair dryer, and oil.

How to Remove Stickers Off Metal Surfaces (Cars, Appliances, Laptops, and More)?

How many times have you bought a brand new laptop or appliance, only for it to be covered in little promotional or technical stickers that you have a hard time taking off? Thankfully, these don’t have to be permanent and can be removed to let the lovely surface underneath shine through.

Carefully Peel Off the Sticker

Start by peeling off as much of the surface as you can. Go in with a sharp-edged product like a credit card or razor blade, and break up as much of the remaining material as you can (just be careful not to damage the surface).

Soak the Area in Acetone/Rubbing Alcohol

After that, soak the area in some acetone or rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. You can hold a cloth against it to ensure it absorbs as much product as possible.

Scrape and Wash the Remainder Off

Finally, go back in with your sharp object and wash the remainder off. Then use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove the remaining little bits, and restore the shine of the surface!

How to Remove Stickers Off Wood?

Soak a Cloth in White Vinegar: Soak a cloth in white vinegar, and lay it on the surface for a couple of minutes.

Gently Peel Off All of the Pieces: After soaking, gently peel off all of the pieces you can. Use a scraper (you might want to stick with a credit card or a rubber-based product to avoid damaging the wood) to remove the leftover adhesive.

Clean and Polish the Wood: All that work may have compromised your wood surface’s shine. To restore its integrity and finish, give the area a good cleaning with some wood polish of your choice!

How to Remove Stickers Off Plastic?


  • Any cooking oil you have in your pantry will work well in removing stickers from plastic surfaces. Just pour a small amount over the sticker or, if you’re working with cooking oil spray, spray directly onto the sticker. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

After such time, scrape the sticker off with your plastic scraper. When all of the adhesive has been removed, wipe away excess oil with a clean rag.

Peanut Butter

  • You probably didn’t expect peanut butter to be a solution for your sticky problems. But because of its high-fat content, it can be really effective at dissolving adhesive from plastic. With a spoon or bread knife, smear a thick layer of smooth peanut butter onto the sticker and let it sit for an hour.

You’ll notice the oils in the peanut butter start to separate and soak your sticker. Clean the peanut butter off the surface then peel the sticker off. You can use your plastic scraper to help scrape away residue.

How to Remove Stickers Off Paper?

Use Your Fingernails

  • Using your fingernails to peel off the sticker is the least invasive method — and the one that’s less likely to damage your paper surface. Choose a corner of the sticker and slide your fingernail beneath it.

Lift the edge and hold it with your thumb and finger. Very slowly, start peeling the sticker off. If you encounter resistance at any point while doing this, stop and try another corner.

Use a Razor Blade

  • You can also get a bit more help peeling the sticker off with a razor blade or sharp knife. Hold your blade at a 20 to 40-degree angle and coax up a corner of the sticker. Start pulling up slowly — make sure not to peel up from the sides. Maintain a sharp angle as you pull.

If your paper is thick enough, you can try working the blade around the edges of the sticker to help loosen up the adhesive.

Nail Polish Remover/Rubbing Alcohol

  • If the sticker won’t budge with the non-invasive methods above, then it’s time to add a bit of liquid to the mix, specifically nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Dab a bit of either solution onto a cotton swab and gently apply it to a corner of the sticker.

This should help loosen up the adhesive enough for you to peel it off with your fingernails or a razor blade.

Low-Setting Hair Dryer

  • If putting liquid on your paper surface doesn’t sound ideal for you, then you can try heat. Take your hair dryer and put it on a low setting. Point the nozzle directly toward the sticker and blast it with heat for 30 seconds. If the sticker doesn’t soften after this time, you can try slightly adjusting the heat setting or exposure time — but never use the highest heat setting.

You can also use a steam cleaner for this method. But because a steamer uses moisture, you’ll have to be extra careful with this alternative. Other people have tried ironing the sticker on low heat before using the fingernail or razor blade method, but before you do so, put a thin piece of fabric over the sticker before proceeding to pass over it with your iron.

Remove Leftover Residue

  • If you’ve managed to remove the sticker but are left with adhesive residue, you can remove it with rubbing alcohol, Goo Gone, or acetone. Apply a tiny amount of your chosen solution on a cotton swab and use it to dab the residue. Do this until the residue is gone then dry the area with a cotton swab.

You can also use clear oil to remove leftover residue, but we don’t really recommend it because it can leave stains on the paper surface.