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February 11, 2020  |  
RePEELed is a collection of hundreds of individual pieces of sticker art, from artists around the world

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With the recent launch of our StickerYou Store, our main goal was to inspire creativity, and involves both artists in the community in something truly creative and impactful. On January 30th, we revealed our latest project, History of Stickers Museum, and StickerYou Presents: Stickers RePEELed. This is an addition within our current StickerYou Store on Queen Street West, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Museum creation time lapse

The History of Stickers Museum overlooks the history of stickers, adhesives, and papers. You may not know this, but stickers have been used for eons throughout culture, with a large focus on activism and disseminating information. This starts in the 1700s, and still continues into the current day.

Performers Dr. Draw and Scott Jackson at the launch party

Curated by Dave and Holly Combs from PEEL Magazine, StickerYou Presents: Stickers RePEELed is a collection of hundreds of individual pieces of sticker art, from artists around the world. This exhibition is truly inspiring, and showcases the individual creativity and innovation that sticker artists have. Some notable artists’ work include Shepard Fairey, Matthew Hoffman, Robots Will Kill, Rodger Beck, and so much more.

Part of the museum wall feature

Now that the launch party has kicked off, the History of Stickers Museum and StickerYou Presents: RePEELed is open during our regular store hours for you to explore. If you’re in the downtown core of Toronto, come stop by and say hello - we're located at 677 Queen St. West!

Museum launch party

Museum wall feature

Museum wall feature

Museum launch party

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