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Temporary Tattoos for You!

April 25, 2014  |  
Temporary Tattoo

Alright folks, it’s time to step it up a notch and get creative. Temporary tattoos are fun for supporting your favorite sports teams, for use in charity runs, family events, for decorating around the holidays, for custom nail art and more. They are even perfect for commitment-phobes and save you from regretting some more permanent ink.

Whether you’re on a sports team, or cheering on your favorite athletes, make temporary tattoos with your favorite jersey numbers, mascot, and colours and show your support at the next big game. Organizing a big charity run or event? Make temporary tattoos, using logos or icons to represent your cause for each runner or participant to sport during the event.

Get ready for the holidays in an easy to apply, fun to decorate unique way. Use images of rabbits, or chickens to decorate eggs for Easter, or use characters from your favorite horror movies to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. Simply make the tattoos as you want them, then apply the tattoos to the Easter Eggs, Pumpkins, or even get creative with wall art!

If you’re family is heading out on vacation, especially to places like Disney World, or other large theme parks and water parks, make temporary tattoos, including your family name, and contact number and apply to your family members hands, for “If Lost, Please Call” temporary tattoos. If they get lost or separated, an employee can know who to call to reunite you with your family.

Like to deck out your digits? Now you can get really creative and make your own custom nail art using designs of your favorite animals, favorite TV and movie characters, or your own creative designs. Its easy- just measure up those nails, upload your artwork to our Sticker Editor, and create your own nail art designs! Just make sure to apply a top coat once you stick the tattoos on for longer lasting art.