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People Branding: The Power of Wearables

November 20, 2018  |  
 A shirt and a backpack with branded stickers on them

Whether your business is big or small, maximizing branding opportunities is a key driver for sustained growth. Wearables are often overlooked but can be an incredibly influential and important marketing tool.

Whether it’s employees at your store wearing t-shirts with custom iron-ons, or your customers wearing temporary tattoos of your brand at an outdoor music festival, “people branding” for employees and customers alike is a fun, easy, and affordable way to get your brand some extra attention for minimal investment.

People Branding: The Benefits of Branded Wearables

Branded wearables allow you to tap into the people representing your brand and make them walking and talking advocates of your business. The benefits are numerous, from increasing your reach to helping you form a connection with your audience. 


People love talking to other people, which is why your employees should be front and center when it comes to customer interactions. While they can communicate your brand to your audience, having them sport branded wearables can enhance their pitch, giving your audience the perception of exclusivity and allowing them to connect with your brand on a deeper level.  


It doesn’t cost much to create branded merchandise for your employees to wear. Whether you decide on iron-ons, patches, badges, or temporary tattoos, they cost much cheaper than advertising on radio, TV, or online. Not to mention that you can order these in bulk for more savings. 

Branded merchandise also has a higher perceived value, giving your audience the impression that you put more thought and money into it. 

Forms a Strong Connection

Having your employees wear branded merchandise makes them an extension of your brand. When they speak to customers with your company vinyl logo stickers on their person, customers not only sense professionalism but are also more inclined to engage in the conversation and trust who they’re talking to. 

This is compared to talking to a complete stranger without an indication of who or what they’re representing. 

Sense of Exclusivity

Branded wearables also help invoke exclusivity. When your employees wear your brand name or logo, they feel as if they’re part of a group, catering to the natural human need of belongingness. 

When employees feel like they belong to an exclusive group, they’re more inclined to proudly introduce your brand and represent what you stand for. 


Employee uniforms don’t have to be drab or uninspired. Make work clothes something employees want to wear both in and out of the store with custom, high-quality iron-on t-shirt transfers.  

Whether it’s your business logo, brand-specific artwork, or another unique visual, iron-ons are a simple way to maximize your marketing budget and get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. 

Use larger iron-ons for a big visual impact, or smaller ones for a more understated look.


Consider these your personal canvas to iron or sew onto a range of fabric surfaces, including hats, shirts, aprons, jackets, or even luggage. Custom wearable patches are functional, and can easily identify employees in busy stores to whom customers can direct questions and ask about services. 

Creative patches can also make an impression that customers won’t soon forget. Patches are durable, hold up in the washing machine, and can look official, making them perfect for uniforms.


The less permanent cousin of the patch, badges are what you want for special occasions and events. Magnet-backed badges don’t leave marks on clothing, making them easy to share and a great alternative to button pins or name tags. 

Get creative with designs and use them for a festive touch during the holidays, as identifiers for in-store events, or as giveaways to customers to spread your brand message both in and out of your store.

Temporary Tattoos

Think of it as wearable artwork. Custom temporary tattoo stickers are a fun way to engage your customers with an unexpected visual. 

From your logo on a brand ambassador’s forearm to customers wearing your brand tatts at an outdoor festival, temporary tattoos spark interest, start conversations, and add a dose of creativity to any event.

Branded wearables strategy chart

Product Specifications

Branded wearables product specification table

Branding for the People

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on what we’re offering, you can decide which will work best for the event you’re planning. Keep in mind that the payoff for branding at events where people are engaged and interested in what’s going on can be huge. 

According to a recent study by live music event company Live Nation, 78 percent of those surveyed said live events are highly emotional experiences, and when people are engaging in this kind of experience, they are 67 percent more receptive to new ideas, and 66 percent more likely to make a purchase. 

So, choosing the right wearable for the right situation definitely requires some thought, but you knew that, right?

Now What?

You know what you need, now it’s time to put your wearable plan into action. Get busy designing your own custom temporary tattoos, badges, patches, or iron-ons, and build a brand presence at your store or special event that will get you noticed and get people talking!

People Branding: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is branding so powerful?

Branding, when done right, is a business’s key to raising awareness about its brand, building trust with customers, and driving sales. It can also improve the company’s overall value and increase its market share. 

What is the power of branded merchandise?

Branded merchandise helps facilitate a deeper connection with your customers. It provides them with a tactile experience that promotes a sense of connection that cannot be replicated. And in an age where customer experience matters, branded merchandise can help you advance your goals and drive more sales. 

Why is brand merchandise important?

Branded merchandise is a cheap yet engaging way to promote your brand to your audience. It helps you passively raise awareness and improve brand recognition, which ultimately will yield more loyal customers.