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Fun Wedding Ideas You’ll Want to Use

December 29, 2017  |  
A custom label that is used to match the wedding theme and colors perfectly.

In wedding planning, personal stickers may seem subtle, but their impact can be profound. Picture this: from the first announcement of your nuptials with Save The Date Stickers to the final touch of personalized Unity Candle Labels, each sticker holds the potential to infuse your wedding day with charm and character. 

As we explore these 15 fun wedding sticker ideas, you'll discover how these small yet significant elements can transform ordinary items into cherished mementos of your special day.

Wedding Favors

You could spend all of your money on pre-printed wedding favors but, if you want to save some money and still have an amazing gift to give, then you can just DIY. By creating Custom Labels you can match the wedding theme and colors perfectly and you can choose any item you like. From beer or wine bottles to jars of jams or honey, you can create a custom label that will fit any size or shape to make the perfect wedding favor.

“Just Married” Car Decal

These are really easy to create and they are way more personal than any generic “Just Married” sign you will find. Would rather have a quote on the back? The names of the couple getting married? How about the date? No problem. StickerYou’s Custom Vinyl Lettering can say whatever you want and then be easily applied to the rear window of any vehicle.

A custom vinyl lettering example where it’s personalized for the couple that is getting married and it’s applied to the rear window of any vehicle.

Roll Label Guest Stickers

The more unconventional the better. Instead of a guestbook that will be looked at a handful of times and then shoved under the bed, use Custom Writable Roll Labels. Have your guests sign a custom sticker and then place it on a picture or piece of art that can then be framed for everyone to see.

A Custom Writable Roll Label where the guests have signed custom stickers and have placed them on a picture.

Hangover Kits

These fun little boxes can be distributed to guests as they leave or placed in hotel rooms. The guests will be grateful the morning after. Simply get some small boxes, add a small bottle of water, sample packs of Ibuprofen, a protein bar, and a pack of minty gum or Tic Tacs. Then you can brand each hangover kit with a thank you sticker that matches the theme and colors of your wedding. These are also an excellent idea for bachelor or bachelorette parties. If you are looking for a fun game idea for your wedding, we recommend getting a cornhole set with some cornhole board decals. A cornhole set at a wedding adds a playful touch to the celebration, encouraging friendly competition and creating memorable moments for guests of all ages.

 A hangover kit example that matches the theme and colors of your wedding.

Save-the-Date Stickers

Get ready to make your wedding date announcement uniquely yours with our save-the-date stickers! Choose from elegant calligraphy, minimalist designs, or fun and quirky concepts to match your style. Personalize your stickers with photos, shared interests, or initials for an extra special touch. Our endless creative options ensure that your save-the-date stickers set the perfect tone for your special day. Whether you love a classic, rustic, or modern look, we've got the styles to complement your wedding theme. Embrace DIY options for a hands-on, personalized approach to creating stickers that reflect your creativity and style.

Envelope Seals

Elevate the elegance of your wedding invitations with our enchanting envelope seals, adding a customized touch to set the tone for your special day. Choose from custom monograms, vintage floral designs, modern minimalism, or rustic charm. These tiny details make a big impact, effortlessly complementing your wedding theme. Whether it's a boho chic celebration or a classic affair, our diverse range of envelope seals allows you to experiment with textures, colors, and finishes, ensuring a perfect match for your unique style.

Bridal Party Proposal Stickers

Elevate your selection journey with our thoughtfully crafted Bridal Party Proposal Stickers, adding a creative and personalized touch to your special moment. Express your sentiments with charm by opting for a custom monogram, ensuring each sticker is unique. Infuse sophistication with elegant typography, reflecting the significance of the occasion. When designing, focus on a stylish motif that resonates with your wedding theme, whether romantic floral or modern geometric pattern. Creative color choices, from soft pastels to vibrant hues, set the tone for your proposal, making it a memorable keepsake for your cherished bridal party.

Drinkware Decals

Add a touch of elegance and personality to your wedding festivities with personalized drinkware decals. The possibilities are endless! Customize glassware with sophisticated decals featuring your initials or wedding date. Create personalized mugs for the bride, groom, or guests. Make a statement on wine bottles with romantic labels. Elevate cocktail shakers with personalized decals for signature drinks. Keep guests hydrated with tumbler stickers, perfect for celebration and cherished keepsakes. Let your imagination run wild with these creative ideas for unique wedding drinkware.

Directional Signage

Guide your wedding guests seamlessly with visually appealing directional signage that complements your rustic theme. Infuse personality into your decor with DIY directional signs for an outdoor touch. Utilize wooden signposts or boards for that rustic charm and add a personalized feel through hand-painting or calligraphy. Maintain consistency by choosing a cohesive design that harmonizes with your wedding theme, whether countryside charm or bohemian vibes. Enhance the rustic feel with floral accents, burlap ribbons, or mason jar details, creating a charming atmosphere for your guests.

Ceremony Aisle Markers

Elevate your wedding ceremony with personalized aisle markers, adding elegance and charm to the pathway.

  • Floral Beauty: Enhance the aisle with vibrant floral arrangements, matching your theme for a burst of color and natural allure.
  • Signature Monograms: Showcase your bond with personalized monograms, making the aisle uniquely yours with a touch of sophistication.
  • Love in Words: Infuse love with romantic quotes or poetic snippets that hold special meaning for both of you.
  • Vintage Sophistication: Opt for vintage-inspired markers for an old-world charm that brings sophistication to your ceremony space.
  • Rustic Coziness: Embrace rustic aesthetics with wooden markers or earthy elements like twine, creating a cozy and inviting feel.

Beyond guiding the way, these markers serve as decorative elements, enhancing your ceremony's ambiance. Whether it's a classic floral, monogrammed elegance, romantic quotes, vintage allure, or rustic charm, tailor these markers to reflect your unique style, creating a memorable pathway for your special day.

Cake Topper Stickers

Elevate your wedding decor with personalized cake topper stickers, infusing a unique touch into your cake presentation. Opt for a custom monogram sticker for a sophisticated and personal feel, showcasing you and your partner's initials in an elegant design. Floral accents offer a beautiful option, with delicate flowers or greenery that complements your wedding theme. Add a personalized message sticker to convey a special sentiment or include your wedding date for a memorable touch. Choose stickers with wood textures or handwritten fonts for a rustic charm, bringing a cozy countryside feel to your cake display. Whether minimalist or extravagant, these versatile and customizable cake topper stickers cater to every style, enhancing your special day's cake presentation.

Bathroom Basket Labels

Elevate your wedding venue with sophisticated bathroom basket labels, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics.

  • Tailored Soap Labels: Customize soap dispensers with labels that harmonize with your wedding theme, enhancing functionality and style.
  • Stylish Restroom Signs: Inform and impress with elegant restroom signs, adding a touch of sophistication to your venue's ambiance.
  • Personalized Amenity Stickers: Infuse your bathroom amenities with a personal touch, labeling them with customized stickers featuring your name or wedding date.
  • Chic Powder Room Decals: Enhance powder rooms' ambiance with chic decals that complement your wedding decor seamlessly.

These carefully designed labels and decals contribute to an organized and visually pleasing atmosphere, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

Unity Candle Labels

Elevate your wedding ceremony with Unity Candle Labels, infusing a personalized touch that symbolizes the union of two individuals. Featuring custom vow stickers adds a sentimental layer, showcasing the promises made between the couple. Personalized ring labels highlight the significance of exchanged rings. Beyond the ceremony, these labels serve multiple roles, doubling as decorative table markers for cohesive decor. Unique favor tags incorporated into the labels offer guests a memorable keepsake. The labels are a versatile canvas for creative couples, allowing for imaginative seating charts that guide attendees uniquely and aesthetically, adding a personal and organized touch to the celebration. Unity Labels sound interesting? In that case, you can order candle labels or learn more about making your own candle labels.

Reception Entrance Signage

Welcome your guests to the wedding venue with our elegant and informative reception entrance signage, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. These signs not only guide but also enhance the event's ambiance. Essential elements include a whimsical sign for the photo booth, inviting guests to capture candid moments. Stylish signs point to the dance floor, encouraging celebration. Charming guides lead to the guest book station, and elegant signs display table numbers or names for easy seating. A beautifully designed seating chart at the entrance ensures guests find their tables effortlessly. Beyond practicality, these signage elements contribute to the overall decor and theme, ensuring a warm and informed start to the celebration.

Wedding Timeline Cards

Simplify and enhance your wedding day communication with our Wedding Timeline Cards, offering couples a stylish and practical solution. These cards provide a detailed schedule of activities, ensuring guests are well-informed and can actively engage in every moment. A well-designed card includes crucial details like ceremony start time, cocktail hour, dinner service, speeches, cake cutting, and dancing. It also highlights seating charts, photo booth location, wedding favors, guest book station, and table numbers, keeping guests informed and engaged throughout the celebration. Streamlining these details ensures a smooth transition into dining, reduces confusion, and encourages active participation in memorable moments.


In concluding our focus on Wedding Timeline Cards, we must recognize their profound impact on elevating the guest experience and ensuring a seamlessly coordinated event. Beyond serving as practical guides, these cards present an opportunity for creative infusion and personalization into the wedding festivities. Attach unique favors to each card to express gratitude. Integrate the cards into your decor, matching them with the wedding theme. Opt for distinctive favors that align with the cards for a cohesive experience. Transform the cards into customized signage, guiding guests through personalized directions to various activities and areas throughout the venue.