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January 16, 2015

Wedding? Fun Ideas You'll Wish You Thought Of!

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Whether you're the half of the happy couple, part of the wedding party or the event planner, we all know creating a beautiful wedding can be costly and stressful (cue the anxiety attack). Here's something to keep in mind while you're flipping through color palettes and cutting down your guest list: the beauty is in the details. Thanks to StickerYou, the details can be pretty darn affordable too.

We've curated some awesome and incredibly practical ideas for adding personal, beautiful details that will keep your guests talking about your big day for years to come. 

1) Personalized flip flops or slippers. Give the dancing feet a little treat. Buy in bulk wholesale or from a local dollar store packs of cheap flip flops or slip-ons. Add custom stickers that say S, M or L to the heel. Design the stickers to match the theme and colors of your wedding. The ladies will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness. 

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2) Wedding Favors. Buying wedding favors pre-printed can quickly become more than your budgeted for. Instead buy or DIY your own guest favors and then make your own custom wedding favor labels to stick on. That way all your labels match your wedding theme and colors perfectly and say exactly what you want.

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3) Just Married Car Decal. These are easy enough to find. However where can you find one with your names and date on them? Would rather have your own quote on the back? No problem. Create your own custom vinyl lettering for the back window of your newlywed vehicle. 

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4) The Guestbook. Or rather, the guest book that's not actually a book. Instead of the standard bound book with allotted lines for your guests' signatures, have them sign a permanent sticker and stick them to silhouette artwork. After the ceremony, frame the artwork and hang in your first home as a married couple. 

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5) Bottle Labels. A lot of couples offer a custom cocktail at their reception along with the bar rail, wine and beer. Take it s step further and create custom wine labels. Add photos and numbers to each bottle and use them as table markers with the seating chart. 

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6) Hangover kits. Distribute to your guests as they leave or place one in each hotel room. Your guests will be grateful the morning after. They are simple enough to make from scratch. Simply get small boxes. Add a small bottle of water, sample packs of Ibuprofen, a protein bar, and a pack of minty gum or Tic Tacs. Brand each hangover kit with a thank you sticker that matches the theme and colors of your wedding. Also an excellent idea for bachelor or bachelorette parties. 

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For other great ideas check our our Wedding page. You can order all the above listed products there and may discover some other ways to add small memorable details to your upcoming wedding. 



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