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Fun Wedding Ideas You’ll Want to Use

December 29, 2017  |  
custom wedding labels

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Whether you are the bride, groom, wedding planner or even part of the wedding party, you know that planning a wedding can be costly, in terms of time and money. That is why we at StickerYou have come up with a couple of simple and practical ideas for adding a personal touch to the special day.

Wedding Favors

Wine bottle with a custom wedding label

You could spend all of your money on pre-printed wedding favors but, if you want to save some money and still have an amazing gift to give, then you can just DIY. By creating Custom Labels you can match the wedding theme and colors perfectly and you can choose any item you like. From beer or wine bottles to jars of jams or honey, you can create a label that will fit any size or shape to make the perfect wedding favor.

“Just Married” Car Decal

Wedding car with vinyl lettering initials on the rear window

These are really easy to create and they are way more personal than any generic “Just Married” sign you will find. Would rather have a quote on the back? The names of the couple getting married? How about the date? No problem. StickerYou’s Custom Vinyl Lettering can say whatever you want and then be easily applied to the rear window of any vehicle.

Roll Label Guest Stickers

Frames wedding photo and sticker art

The more unconventional the better. Instead of a guestbook that will be looked at a handful of times and then shoved under the bed, use Custom Writable Roll Labels. By having your guests sign a custom sticker and then place it on a picture or piece of art that can then be framed for everyone to see.

Hangover Kits

Hangover kit with assorted items

These are fun little boxes that can be distributed to guests as they leave or placed in hotel rooms. The guests will be grateful the morning after. Simply get some small boxes, add a small bottle of water, sample packs of Ibuprofen, a protein bar, and a pack of minty gum or Tic Tacs. Then you can brand each hangover kit with a thank you sticker that matches the theme and colors of your wedding. These are also an excellent idea for bachelor or bachelorette parties. If you are looking for a fun game idea for your wedding, we recommend getting a cornhole set with some cornhole board decals. A cornhole set at a wedding adds a playful touch to the celebration, encouraging friendly competition and creating memorable moments for guests of all ages.

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