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5 Ways to Brand your Health and Beauty Business

December 11, 2018
5 Ways Health & Beauty Brands are Using StickerYou

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The health and beauty industry is highly competitive. To be successful, it's important to find ways to set yourself apart from the crowd. Showcasing and marketing your business in unique ways will help bring in new clientele, and increase brand awareness. If you need a spark to get the creative energy flowing, here are five ways you can use custom sticky products for your products and packaging!

Expiry Date Stickers

When creating beauty and skincare products, there is a lot of important information to communicate to your customer, including expiration or use-by dates. If you’re a small business that creates products in frequent, small batches, this can be challenging as the expiry dates rapidly change. Thanks to our writable roll labels, you can write directly on your product labels instead of having to order a large quantity of stickers or labels for each new date. These writable labels not only allow you to fill in expiration and use-by dates as needed, they also are the perfect place to write other key info about your product, including ingredients and scents.

Expiry date sticker on a product

Branded Packaging Tape

External packaging is an often-overlooked aspect of a product. Printing your logo or key product information on packaging tape will help build brand awareness and spread the message about your company. If you sell products online, a huge number of people are already seeing your product and packaging throughout the shipping process, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to expose them to your brand?

Branded packaging tape on a shipping box

Scratch and Sniff Labels

When it comes to showcasing your products and adding value, it's easy to overlook scent. But scent can be a powerful customer experience. Use scratch and sniff labels to complement your products in a unique way that makes an impression. With over 100 scents on offer at StickerYou, you’re sure to find the perfect sniff!

Scratch and sniff label on a product

Aromatherapy Packaging

From bath salts to essential oils, aromatherapy is a booming market, and demand is only growing. Stand out with aesthetically-pleasing branding and packaging to match your beautiful products. Our stickers can be printed as small as 0.75x0.75”, making them a perfect fit for bottles, tubes and more.

Clear vinyl stickers on aromatherapy products

General Signage

If you have a storefront, you have a huge amount of real estate that you can use for brand awareness. Empty walls are an excellent place to display your logo, mission statement, or upcoming deals and promos. If you have limited storefront space for promotions and brand placement, choose hang tag stickers as they are easy to display and don't take up a lot of space. Having consistent branding across your storefront familiarizes consumers with your brand, which can drive sales.

Clear vinyl decals used to brand a store

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