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July 10, 2017  |  
Custom Boat Decals

StickerYou has launched Boat Decals, so now adding some flair to your vessel has never been easier! The options are limitless and the seas will never look the same. We thought it might be a good idea to go over best practices for the application and removal of Boat Decals. Here are some easy to follow instructions

Clean it Up

Clean the boat thoroughly in the area where the Boat Decal will go. Dirt can cause the decal to be less adhesive than if the area were cleaned and dried.

Peel it Off

Peel your Boat Decal slowly from the backing paper. We recommend doing this on a table or asking for a little help from a friend; just be careful not to rip the decal when peeling it off of the backing.

Place it On

Place the Boat Decal on the area of the boat where it will be applied. You might want to ask that same friend from ‘Step 2’ to help you position it. Also, you can use a level just to be sure you are getting the best look for your decal.

Note: if the decal sticks to itself during the application process, simply peel it off slowly and carefully.)

Smooth it Out

Smooth out any air bubbles using your hands, a squeegee or credit card. Start from the middle and work your way outward. It is a good idea to give the edges a press all around, just to ensure there is no chance of the decal peeling.

Sail it Away

Congrats, you have successfully applied your new Boat Decal and now you can go show it off on the open seas (or lakes) and be the envy of the dock and open water!

Switch it Up

You can always switch up your Boat Decals to make it look as though you have a new boat every week! To remove the Boat Decal and make way for your next great idea, simply peel it off starting from one edge and pull it off slowly.

StickerYou custom boat decals

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