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Die Cut Stickers: What They Are and Which You Need

July 31, 2014  |  
Custom Die Cut Stickers

If you are looking for custom stickers, you will have to decide on which cut you'd like. Die-cutting is the process of cutting your printed stickers into the desired shape. Many printing companies only offer standard cut shapes, like rectangles or circles. However StickerYou offers custom stickers in any shape, whether it be the standard rectangle or circle, or custom die-cut around the edge of your design. Here is our crash course on which cuts you will need for your specific application and how to find them on our website.

1) Standard Shaped Stickers and Labels- These are rectangles, squares, ovals or circles. Many print companies will offer a selection of template sizes that you must choose from. However StickerYou allows you the freedom and flexibility to create these shapes in any dimensions you wish. These are perfect for such applications as address labels, jar labels, bottle labels, organization labels, name labels and more. They will also work well for round or rectangular business logos.

To create round or rectangular labels, click "create now" on our homepage, then upload your artwork. Once your artwork is in Sticker Editor Mode, you can choose the shape of your sticker from the "Change Sticker Shape: button on the right. You will see in the options Rectangle/Square and Round/Circle as well as heart shaped, scallop shaped, and starburst shaped.

2) Custom Die Cut Stickers and Labels- This is when the die cut contours to the shape of your artwork. Some print companies offer this as a cut option, however they typically charge for the die cast which can add up to hundreds of dollars to your order. StickerYou does not charge for custom die-cutting. This cut option is best for stickers and labels that are being used to brand a product, are being distributed as promotional or swag material, or stickers and labels that need be designs and cut to fit a specific space.

To create custom die cut stickers, simply click "create now" on our website, upload your image, and then choose Image Die-Cut as the cutting option. This will form a die cut that follows the shape of your artwork in Sticker Editor Mode. 

The above cutting options are also available for StickerYou's other products as well, including magnets, wall decals and iron-ons. Start creating your custom labels and stickers in whatever shapes and sizes you want. If you have very specific cut requirements, or are looking for something a bit different for a unique application, then the StickerYou Crew will be happy to assist.