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Unlock Creativity with Custom Die-Cut Stickers

July 31, 2014
Die Cut Stickers: What They Are and Which You Need

One of the things that makes stickers so popular is their customizability. You can create any design that reflects your personality and interests and print them out in unique shapes that suit your intended application.

While some companies only cut custom stickers in standard shapes like rectangles or circles, StickerYou can help you create custom die-cut stickers.

What is a Die-Cut Sticker?

Die-cutting is the process of cutting your printed stickers into the desired shape. Instead of the standard circle, square, or rectangle stickers, die-cutting cuts around the contour of the design, creating a custom shape for your artwork without excess backing or material. Depending on your design, die-cut stickers can have curved, pointy, or wavy edges.

  • Any type of sticker material can be die-cut, from permanent adhesive and standard white vinyl to clear and reflective vinyl.

What are the Benefits of Die Cut Stickers?

Die-cut stickers allow you to get more creative and to cut and perfect a die-cut design that looks unique and versatile. Instead of cutting your design in regular circle, square, or rectangle shapes, die-cutting contours the artwork neatly around the edges so there’s no excess film or white space left over. This gives your design emphasis and makes it look more professional.

  • The unique shape of a die-cut sticker will look great on any application, whether as a single installation or collaged with other die-cut sticker designs. Not to mention that it makes the sticker more durable and long-lasting by getting rid of the excess material that can collect dirt, moisture, and dust.

A collection of die cut stickers featuring a range of imaginative designs, shapes, and vibrant colors.

What are the Different Types of Stickers and Labels?

Generally, there are two types of stickers and labels, categorized by how they are cut.

Standard Shaped Stickers and Labels
These are rectangles, squares, ovals, or circles. Many print companies will offer a selection of template sizes that you must choose from. However, StickerYou allows you the freedom and flexibility to create these shapes in any dimensions you wish.

These are perfect for such applications as address labels, jar labels, bottle labels, organization labels, name labels, and more. They will also work well for round or rectangular business logos.

To create round or rectangular labels, click "create now" on our homepage, then upload your artwork. Once your artwork is in Sticker Editor Mode, you can choose the shape of your sticker from the "Change Sticker Shape: button on the right.

You will see in the options Rectangle/Square and Round/Circle as well as heart-shaped, scallop-shaped, and starburst-shaped. Custom Die Cut Stickers and Labels This is when the die-cut contours to the shape of your artwork. Some print companies offer this as a cut option, however, they typically charge for the die-cast, which can add up to hundreds of dollars to your order. StickerYou does not charge for custom die-cutting.

This cut option is best for stickers and labels that are being used to brand a product, are being distributed as promotional or swag material, or stickers and labels that need to be designed and cut to fit a specific space.

To create custom die-cut stickers, simply click "create now" on our website, upload your image, and then choose Image Die-Cut as the cutting option. This will form a die cut that follows the shape of your artwork in Sticker Editor Mode.

The above cutting options are also available for StickerYou's other products as well, including magnets, wall decals, and iron-ons. Start creating your custom labels and stickers in whatever shapes and sizes you want.

If you have very specific cut requirements or are looking for something a bit different for a unique application, then the StickerYou Crew will be happy to assist.


Die-cut stickers have a unique aesthetic appeal that you can’t achieve with standard circle, square or rectangle cuts. If you want to create a custom die-cut sticker that highlights your unique design and adds emphasis to its unconventional shape, start crafting your artwork on StickerYou’s platform.