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Easy DIY Ideas for Halloween Decor

October 5, 2016  |  

Halloween Wine Labels

Are you hosting a party or evening soirée? Custom wine labels are a great way to entertain your guests or offer thank you gifts to your friends and close ones. Decorate the bottles to look scary and haunted, or customize them each with individual names!

Easy DIY Ideas for Halloween Decor

DIY Pun-Kins

Our temporary tattoos can easily be used to put fun expressions or graphics on pumpkins. Save the time and avoid the mess of carving. Get creative by uploading a custom design to our online creator and creating your custom pun-kins! Our temporary tattoos are very easy to apply, and can be applied to many more surface than just skin! If you’re printing larger ones, it will help to have an extra set of hands.

Easy DIY Ideas for Halloween Decor

Spooky Halloween Staircase

Deck out a boring staircase with spooky graphics and designs. Perhaps you want to cover your stairs in mice, or black cats – let your imagination run wild! You’ll definitely be giving any guests in your house a fright. Make sure not to make them too scary – you don’t want anybody slipping or falling!

Easy DIY Ideas for Halloween Decor

Halloween Vinyl Lettering

Our vinyl lettering can be the perfect addition to any Halloween set-up, or can also display a simple message! Whether it’s a trick or treat sign welcoming people to your house, or a sign proudly displaying your family’s name, you’ll never have a boring window or wall space when incorporating some spooky vinyl lettering.

Easy DIY Ideas for Halloween Decor

Spooky Face Candles

Candles are a great go-to for décor that is festive without being too gory or gruesome. Turn a simple candle into a spooky Halloween decoration with some clear stickers. These ghastly faces are super simple and easy to make, and are great to decorate with around the house. The best part is, you can peel the stickers off and re-use the candles after!

Easy DIY Ideas for Halloween Decor

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