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Label Inspiration! 8 Great Labels by our Customers

November 26, 2019  |  
Label Inspiration! 8 Great Labels by our Customers

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Every single day our customers continue to amaze us with new creative designs and ideas of how to use custom labels in innovative ways. We’ve compiled eight of our favorite label designing techniques to help inspire your next label making venture.

1. Different Shaped Die-Cuts for Varying Flavors

If all your containers look the same, differentiating each product by label shape is a great way to make each product look unique and stand out. While most labels simply change the color for each flavor, changing the shape of the label will make the product stand out from the competition. StickerYou’s labels are perfect for small batch beer bottles because you can customize every aspect of your batch label without a restriction of a minimum order. This way, if you need as little as one bottle label, it can look just as professional as if you need a thousand.

2. The Personal Touch

It’s impossible not to feel the love Ana put into this product. The handwritten signature on a clear label makes every single unit feel personally dedicated. Custom labels with personal touches on them like handwriting are the best of both worlds! In addition to feeling personal, this product doesn’t sacrifice the reliability, waterproof, and washable aspect of a vinyl label.

3. Practical Use Faux-Materials 

Love the look of paper labels but not the durability? For packaging that will need to stand up to some wear, use a vinyl label printed to simulate other materials, like classic craft paper label or rustic wood. Get the super cute look of natural materials without sacrificing the possibility of ink smearing on labels peeling off in the freezer.

4. Stay on Theme

Wood Print labels are perfect for artisanal wood work because they look professional, they’re on theme, and there is no time and resources wasted chiseling away on something that’s not the main part of the product. These Knotty Wood Company stickers look great, and since the stickers are residue free, there’s no fear of a sticky residue being left behind on the wood or any material the label is stuck onto.

5. Accenting The Product

Look at the way that holographic decal outlines the product window. This Aadaj Illusions false eyelashes packaging looks super cool and demonstrates how our materials can be used to accent packaging on top of just acting as the label. The layering of metallic ink and holographic paper also creates an out of this world look for these out of this world lashes.

6. Labels That Match the Grandeur of Your Product

Chloe’s Beauty Co. continues to amaze us with their elegant, yet minimalist, label designs. Labels should match the vibe of the product it is representing, so a beautiful label is needed in order to be placed on such a beautiful product. Chloe’s Beauty Co. understands that how a beauty product looks is almost as important as how well it works. This glow serum is ready for its unpacking video close up!

7. Play to your Audience

This logo design on this label is so rad that people are likely going to move the label onto their personal items. Serna Gallery made these logo stickers to match the interests of their audience and match the aesthetic of their gallery. Someone who sees and likes this sticker on a laptop, might be intrigued to check out what else that Serna Gallery has to offer. By specifying the label to the audience you’re trying to gain interest from, potential customers will connect more with the product. On the other hand, if you want your product to appeal to everyone, ensure your design will be appealing to most consumers.

8. Display your Product

Clear Labels let your product shine! This shimmery body oil wants to showcase its top selling quality bright and center: it’s shimmer! Covering up the glitter with an opaque label would take away the displaying effect of the clear packaging! If you want your product to shine on the outside of your packaging, clear labels are your go-to for informative labels that won’t cover up your product’s awesomeness.

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Want more great ideas and inspiration? Follow us on social, or sign up for our newsletter for amazing deals delivered directly to your inbox.


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