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The Best Marketing Strategy Is...2 Strategies

September 3, 2015  |  
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In the past decade, many businesses have made the jump from strictly brick and mortar to developing an online brand or sprung up through the digital revolution. Digital marketing, which was once new and daunting, is now a commonplace practice for most. With the increased prevalence and simplicity of digital marketing, plus the instant gratification of seeing an ROI number in your favorite metrics package, it has become more difficult to justify traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing can be used against a very targeted local audience or on a broader global scale. With almost an entirely connected population isn't a digital marketing plan the best strategy? The simple answer is ‘No’.

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With hyper targeting, retargeting, look-alike modeling and other modern techniques, customers are getting bombarded with ultra-targeted messaging and customer acquisition is quickly becoming a bottle neck. Customers are, and have always been receptive to innovating marketing and with so many people focusing their efforts on digital, the opportunities in traditional, innovative marketing are a more interesting proposition, especially when it comes to creating brand awareness. Industry professionals agree. “Internet marketing doesn't really create brand awareness… It doesn't create top-of-mind awareness. It only satisfies a need right when the consumer needs something" says Joanne Scara of Trailblazer Marketing & Creative Outsource.

We mean that the best strategy is not one strategy- its two. Using both digital marketing AND traditional marketing is a better strategy than using digital OR traditional. When appropriate, use targeted traditional marketing to reach your audience and drive them towards a digital channel, such as your social media pages, your website, or your email signup. This leads to higher engagement and better re-targeting as you are reaching your customer in two environments instead of one.

Vin Gupta of Entrepreneur Magazine agrees: “Rather than thinking in terms of whether to pursue a digital strategy as opposed to a traditional marketing one, it can be more productive to adapt your approach according to the needs of your business, a specific product promotion or the time of the year."

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Custom promotional stickers or "swag stickers" are one of our hottest products. Many of our clients run small businesses and attend trade shows where they give away custom branded stickers. Trade shows, a traditional form of marketing, are known for having a high ROI because a business can interact directly with a targeted audience. Giving the attendees a promotional sticker is another form of traditional marketing. Adding a web address, or QR code link or direction to your social platforms to the sticker will connect the user to your online presence where they can access a plethora of information about your business. Printing this information on a sticker allows the user to stick your information up in a place that is easily accessible long after the trade show has ended. In addition, a sticker screams “I have been there and I have done that”, telling business colleagues or customers “Yes, I’m an expert in what I do”.

The best strategy sticks digital and traditional marketing together. Stickers are a great tool for bridging the gap between the online and offline world. Given their sticky nature, they have the potential to gain more impressions than other forms of traditional marketing. Stickers placed on back of laptops or street signs can be noticed by hundreds daily. They are also somewhat of a novel product, yet light to transport so people typically don't mind taking them (and your branding and website information!).

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