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5 Tips to Help Reach Your 2017 Business Goals

January 18, 2017  |  

So the New Year has begun, 2017 is officially upon us! If you’re working for a business/company, the odds are you or your manager have some pretty aggressive goals and numbers to hit by the end of this year. We have custom sticker numbers we need to hit, so we've compiled some tips and tricks to help you go above and beyond your vision for this year!

Tip #1: Write your goals down and share them

Having tangible evidence of what you’d like to achieve is a great start to getting organized and narrowing your horizon. Re-aligning your focus and writing down your goals in a simple format can be extremely helpful. Make sure you share these goals/numbers with others that will contribute or be involved in the process as well!

2017 Business Goals Custom Wall Decal

Tip #2: Budget for success

Along with your growing numbers, you will also need a growing budget. Make sure you’ve allocated the right amount of resources (both employees and money) to hit your goals and potentially go beyond them. If you’re looking to scale revenue, traffic, and leads, you will need extra funds set aside for marketing and advertising!

2017 Business Goals Budget

Tip #3: Try new marketing strategies

You’ll never know what works until you try it! It’s a new year with new opportunities - take advantage of marketing techniques that you haven’t tried or considered! Whether you’d like to try to create a guerrilla marketing campaign, or simply want to hand out business logo stickers on the street for brand awareness, it’s always a good idea to try new things with your brand!

StickerYou Custom Logo Handout Swag Stickers

Tip #4: Network and attend tradeshows

If you and your business are not currently networking with other businesses and attending tradeshows, this may be a huge missed opportunity! B2B often makes up the majority of revenue and transactions – networking with other businesses is key. This can be as simple as going to community events and handing out branded swag like custom temporary tattoos, or hosting a booth at an expo, with brand ambassadors wearing branded custom name badges or custom patches, of course!

StickerYou Tradeshow Booth

Tip #5: Improve customer experience

Your customers are everything to your business – make sure the process of working with you is as efficient as possible. Creating a simple and easy customer experience can make the difference between no sales and many repeat sales. This can include improving your site, upgrading your servers, or making the customer workflow shorter and easier!

StickerYou Customer Experience

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