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Top 5 Customer Creations from 2014

December 17, 2014  |  
top customer creations

One of the best aspects of our jobs as sticker wizards is seeing all the cool, creative, and sometimes kinky orders that come in. We love sharing all this sticker awesomeness with our followers in hopes of inspiring others. One way we do this, it to systematically choose orders that stood out to us and promote them across our social platforms as the Top 5 Customer Creations of 2014.

The tallies are in! The StickerYou crew is positively tickled pink to present this year's winners.


(pause for applause)


Curious Candle Company

The Curious Candle company produces beautiful, fragrant candles made 100% from soy. Each candle is handmade and contains a hidden charm that can only be retrieved once the candle has melted down. The idea for the products came from one of the founders, whom at the time was pregnant and looking for an inspired way to reveal the gender of her baby to her friends and family. 

Curious Candle Co. used StickerYou labels on their newest line of candles called "Charming Personalities". The StickerYou crew loved the different "personalities" in each custom label. Quite possibly the most interesting candles we've ever seen. We can only imagine how they smell. Check out the Curious Candle Company for awesome gift ideas for men or women (or yourself). 

custom product label, clear label, vinyl label, candle label, business label


I Am Not A Costume

 Wilfred Laurier University's student organization, Laurier Students Public Interest Research Group (LSPRIG), works to empower students to be agents of social change in pursuit of a more just society. The organization, made entirely of students, provide opportunities the be the change in their own communities through collaboration, community involvement, research and education. 

This year in the weeks leading up to Halloween, LSPRIG launched a campaign called "We're a Culture, Not a Costume" with the goal of changing the way people think about costumes. They created life-size window clings that featured students of different ethnic races or cultures holding pictures of people dressed up as those ethnic stereotypes. For example, one window cling featured a woman of Asian decent, holding a picture of a Caucasian girl dressed as a geisha. The window clings were placed up around the student campus.

window decal, clear decal, window sign, business decal


A Very Vivian Wedding

Here comes the bride! Summer is the season for weddings, and the StickerYou crew create a lot of  beautiful wedding-related products this year. Vivian and Pat's centerpieces stood out to the StickerYou crew because the clear vinyl stickers and use of mason jars were a seamless combination giving a very rustic chic look, which fit perfectly with the theme of their wedding.

Vivian and Pat were married in a small but gorgeous garden ceremony. Vivian had perused a pile of wedding magazines and decided to DIY part of the wedding. Pat, the groom, said "I love all the personal touches, its a very Vivian wedding".

vinyl label, business label, custom label, product packaging, package label


CrossFit Tattoos for Charity

Crossfit Copenhagen has 9 different facilities across Copenhagen, Denmark where fitness enthusiasts can work with trainers and other athletes. The goal of the organization is to make Denmark stronger and healthier and to provide  locations where fellow crossfitters can meet and train together. 

In early 2014, Crossfit Copenhagen launched a charity event called Tattoos for Charity. Temporary tattoos, symbolizing each of the different facilities, were created and distributed at the gyms. Every time a picture of the tattoos was posted on social media, the gyms donated money towards opening a crossfit school in Zambia. This crossfit school will help young people to a brighter future with education and fitness. 

custom temporary tattoos, event tattoos, business temporary tattoos


I <3 Samantha

Samantha Rominger is a huge fan of musician Ed Sheeran. This past summer she attended two of his concerts in Seattle and Vancouver. She even waited outside the venue 20+ hours before one of the shows even started to ensure she'd get a spot close to the stage. That is dedication.

Samantha wanted something unique to wear to the concerts, so she created an iron-on shirt that featured Ed Sheeran's album cover. It is difficult to see, in the image, but Sheeran is sticking out his tongue, on which is a scrap of paper that reads "I <3 Samantha". 

iron-on transfer, iron-on shirt, custom iron-on transfer

Congrats to all of our Top 5 winners. The StickerYou Crew is looking forward to seeing what awesome sticker and labels orders come in 2015.