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6 Unique & Unexpected Ways to Use Temporary Tatts

May 21, 2019  |  
mannequin with temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are more than just designed adhesives that stick to your skin. If you get creative enough, there are plenty of unique and unexpected ways you can use them.

From designing your party decor to personalizing your nails and mannequins, here are some fun ways to get some more use out of your temporary tattoos. 

1. Personalize Party Decor

Temporary tattoos can stick to any surface, whether your skin or plastic, glass, and paper. This makes them a great tool to upscale your party decor and add a personal touch to your event

Instead of having your party theme or logo printed on your drinkware or balloons, save money by ordering custom temporary tattoos to stick to your party goods yourself.

temporary tattoos for party decor

2. Hack Any Holiday Craft

Add your unique personal style to your holiday decorations with temporary tattoos. Stick personalized designs on your Christmas tree ornaments, use them as a non-carve alternative for your pumpkins, or dazzle them all over your holiday posters. 

When sticking them to the holiday decor you plan to use next year, you can spray the temporary tattoo with a protective enamel spray so they retain their design and appearance for longer.

temporary tattoos for holiday decor

3. Make Affordable Nail Art

Instead of going over to the nail salon, you can DIY your nail art with temporary tattoos. Just stick them over your dried base, then add a protective top coat.

Feel free to get creative here — use designs that you like and play around with placement to create something unique.

temporary tattoos for nail art

4. Keep the Kids Safe

A child getting lost in the park, zoo, or mall is bound to be a nerve-wracking experience for any parent. Temporary tattoos can add an extra layer of protection for your kids. 

You can order custom tattoos with your phone number and apply them to your child’s hand when you go out, providing a simple but effective way to reunite with your child if they do get lost.

temporary tattoos for lost kids

5. Makeover the Mannequins

Make your storefront mannequins stand out by giving them a little more personality. Temporary tattoos stick well onto mannequins, which gives you a lot of room to get creative. Give your mannequins a full sleeve or add color to them with temporary tattoos that are sure to attract customers. 

You don’t have to worry about temporary tattoos damaging your mannequins either. They are water and weather-resistant and come off quite easily with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

temporary tattoos for mannequins

6. A Faster Alternative to Face Painting

A face painting booth is a party staple. But it often sees long queues that take time off of children’s play. Get them back to the party sooner by using temporary tattoos in your face painting booth. They come in a range of designs and can be applied in a minute — plus, they’re mess-free!

Didn’t think temporary tattoos have so many uses, did you? With their customizable nature and range of design possibilities, there are plenty of ways you can use temporary tattoos to add color and detail to your life!

temporary tattoos instead of face painting

How long do temporary tattoos stay on glass or plastic surfaces?

On glass surfaces, temporary tattoos may fade or peel off after a couple of days, especially if the glass is exposed to moisture or is touched frequently. Plastic surfaces are smooth and less porous than skin, which may make it difficult for the temporary tattoo to adhere properly. It might be a challenge to apply and peel off quickly unless you use a protective spray to increase its lifespan.

How do you make temporary tattoos last longer?

To make temporary tattoos last longer, use a protective enamel spray after applying it on a glass or plastic surface. When applying a temporary tattoo on your nails, apply a layer of clear top coat to finish your nail art. Temporary tattoos can typically last up to 2 weeks on the skin. But if you want them to stay on for longer, avoid scrubbing the area and apply a waterproof bandage on the tattoo when you bathe.

How do you remove temporary tattoos on glass or plastic surfaces?

Temporary tattoos allow you to decorate your glass or plastic items without damaging the surface. When you’re ready to remove the design, you can wipe the area with rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or baby oil.

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