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How Picklers Can Up Their Game With Custom Product

June 1, 2022  |  
Passionate picklers can up their game with stickers and labels.

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When it comes to food, it’s hard to get more retro than the pickle. The first evidence of edible items being preserved and fermented in brine goes back more than 4000 years, but there is no doubt that this technique – which is part art and part science – goes back even further than that. The reasons for pickling food are obvious: fruits and vegetables only stay fresh for a short amount of time, but once items are submerged in salt water, they remain edible for months…or even longer. It is safe to say that without pickling, it would have been far more difficult for the early ocean-going explorers to survive long trips at sea and for people to settle in areas where harsh climates prevent year-round farming. But beyond the practical aspects of pickling, the reason that people like pickled foods so much is that they are delicious. That’s why millions of people around the world pickle their own foods.

Passionate picklers jar and label

As pickles have migrated from necessity to hobby, home pickling has become a popular cottage industry. It’s impossible to count the number of pickle contests held every year as aficionados square off to show off their work. In many cases, pickling recipes and secrets are passed from generation to generation, making it even more mysterious and fun. But as much as people focus on what’s inside the jar, it’s what is on the outside that can make a lasting impression. This is where stickers and labels can help avid picklers to stand out from the crowd.

Everyone has a picture in their mind of a lovely jar of pickles with a white sticker on the front with the contents labeled in pen. It’s an iconic image, but it is more functional than artistic. Shouldn’t the label on the jar be as interesting and innovative as the food inside? This is where professional labels and logos can turn a nondescript container into an exciting and vibrant one. Even if you aren’t selling pickles commercially, it’s still a great way to create a conversation piece when you give jars as gifts to friends, family, and coworkers (if they are lucky!)

Pickle jar with white label

Historically, designing and printing custom labels was out of reach for most picklers because minimum order sizes were so large that it didn’t make sense to go down that road. After all, what’s the point of having 1000 labels if you’re only making 30 jars of pickles? Thanks to advances in digital printing technology, however, minimum orders are a thing of the past. If you are only making a handful of jars this year, you only need to order the exact number of labels without worrying about having a bumper crop of stickers taking up space in your basement or garage.

Stickers are also a great way to build your brand outside of labels. For example, you can give stickers to anyone who comes by your booth at the local fair, stick them onto your car to raise brand awareness, or just give them to friends and family to distribute. Again, because minimum orders aren’t a concern anymore, you can print as many as you think you will be able to use without overordering.

Pickling jar and labels

Once you’ve made the decision to get stickers and labels, anything goes when it comes to design. There’s no reason to use a plain white square – or even a square at all, because labels can be custom cut into any shape you can imagine. It’s just as easy to print a label and the shape of a deal pickle as it is to print a standard geometric shape. Even better, you can add glitter and texture to make the labels really “pop,” and scratch-and-sniff labels could be perfect for anyone who loves pickles. There really are no limits.

Daniel Climans is Senior Marketing Manager at StickerYou, a leading North American manufacturer of branded products for individuals and businesses.

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